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  1. Christianity created many conflicts with other religions when it was first preached and introduced. For example, the fire in Rome, the conflicts in Lystra and Ephesus. believing in Christianity meant giving up all other Gods, this was different from all the other Ancient Religions, but my question is how did Chrisitianity become so popular? What made it rise? I wasn't too sure where to put this thread sorry. Thanks
  2. Brenda

    The Rise Of Christianity

    I meant how did it grew popular in the EARLY ROMAN EMPIRE. Thanks
  3. I'm having a hard time linking up all these religions and cults as i have a poor basic understanding of Roman and non Roman religions. Could someone breifly explain to me the link between Paganism and the Roman religions? I am learning about non-roman religions and cults that were practiced During the First Centry AD.(and how they differ from Roman religions), and i'm quite confused about what non-roman Religions and cults to base my studies on. Any suggestions? I thought Mithraism and Isis... Thanks
  4. Sorry that post was confusing. I have a question about MIthraism in Rome - The 7 ranks./levels to immortality, did that apply to all people who followed? Why do some articles refer to the "members in a mihtraeum..."? Were they not the regular followers? Thanks