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  1. Not really sure this fits here could go with the army section as well i guess. Anyway I was wondering where can i find a reference to the guys took care of the sacred chickens for the roman military. I think its in livy where an admiral throws them over board saying something about "if you wont eat then lets see if you swim"? Anyway its not urgent but if someone knows what book thats in it would help settle a bet with my friend i cant seem to find in and i have been looking for a while. Oh one last thing does anyone know what the latin name was for the keepers of the sacred chickens? PS been lurking for a while great boards.
  2. The rules of the road require that anyone who wins a bet as a result of the Forums efforts, must deposit 10% of the winnings with a Tribune. Surely you will honor your obligation to me. Lol how do I send you 10% of a pitcher of beer? Oh and its gonna be killians so if you dont like that your just out of luck.
  3. Ha thanks guys I finally found it and won the bet its Livy alright. My friend just couldnt believe that they had a military/religious position whose job it was to keep a bunch of sacred chickens. PS if anyone knows the Latin name for the job that would be awesome its more just curosity on my part. I know it was more specific than just an augur my old latin teacher told us one time but I cant remember what it was.