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    i enjoy reading about history and art, from ancient - renaissance. i take notes and make amateur maps to follow along.
  1. paolo


    *makes note of all those who inadvertently revealed their computer genius status through their hobbies* oh, uh my hobbies... i read and take notes from history books and make amateur maps to follow along also read about art (and architecture) history, religions, languages, know a few words in italian, spanish, latin, french, hebrew i used to paint - oils, portraits, etc, just an amateur deal run and work out online diary n website stuff like html debating, discussing, etc ideas about history, art history, news making people laugh, cheering them up when they are down books, books, books standard private stuff i avoid sleeping am not fond of spectator sports, movies, theatre etc, i don't like watching others do things
  2. paolo

    Emperor By Conn Iggulden

    That's a good point P. Clodius. How I solve that problem is the following: Since I don't remember anything unless I take notes, I don't take notes from what I read in historical novels. *smiles* As far as Mr Iggulden's books, I find him to be a truly gifted writer. I agree with Primuspilus that the author of a historical fiction would do better to simply use fictitious characters rather than distort known historical figures. I wrote a customer review of his first book. If you have a spare moment : Gates of Rome (under paolo giovio)
  3. paolo

    Forum User Names

    My name is inspired from "Paolo Giovio" from the Italian Renaissance. He was a humanist and historian. I read a bio on him and critiqued it as one of my first customer book reviews at amland amland review I use paolo on most of the forums if I'm not being the 'toon. The Renaissance/Baroque period interests me for both the art and history. My favourite artist is from the Baroque Movement, GianLorenzo Bernini, mainly known for his sculpture. His Estasi di Santa Teresa is truly inspired.
  4. paolo

    Personality Test, Weeee!!!

    ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population. Introverted (I) 53.85% Extroverted (E) 46.15% Sensing (S) 53.33% Intuitive (N) 46.67% Thinking (T) 63.89% Feeling (F) 36.11% Judging (J) 68.42% Perceiving (P) 31.58% These results are not exactly a newsflash for me, except for this : His SJ orientation draws the ISTJ into the service of established institutions. Home, social clubs, government, schools, the military, churches -- these are the bastions of the SJ. "We've always done it this way" is often reason enough for many ISTJs. Threats to time-honored traditions or established organizations (e.g., a "run" on the bank) are the undoing of SJs, and are to be fought at all costs. I don't enjoy big group gatherings nor small talk, so I steer clear of the above mentioned institutions (except the government, yes, I pay my taxes), oh yeah, and I'm not homeless. The method used seems a bit simplistic.->(J) for Judging. See how self aware I am ? I have only been called inconsiderate and clueless by people who hate me. Who would want to live in squalor? (ok, was that my 'lack of tact' rearing its blunt head ?)
  5. paolo


    I agree with Moonlapse, we don't have all the information; that people tend to go with the theory that supports their viewpoints; and that the caution on media as a source of fact. I am always amused at how many people think the president of the United States is an 'idiot' and in the same breath declare how much more competent they themselves are at running a world power with all the complexities, clashing needs and ideas of the masses and those in power under him. A world leader is not at liberty to act on whatever whim bounces through his head, instead he weighs many things, that we, the public, no matter how brilliant we are, do not know all the factors involved. Our president is not an intellectual type, but he is smart and he is consistent. While intellectuals are admirable in many respects, are not necessarily optimal candidates as world leaders because they are not always (<-note the careful wording) also action oriented nor possess other essential qualities for this high-pressure and complex position. The media (usually/always ?) has to sell advertising and as a result, is dependent on sensationalism as a method of hooking readers. The penalty for false reporting and inciting dissension in the United States is entirely too lax. There is a difference between "Freedom of Speech" and the ABUSE of "Freedom of Speech" I also agree with Moonlapse that it is good that saddam hussein was overthrown, as he was an oppressive leader and all people deserve freedom. Wars should only be fought for freedom. The fact that Iraq has oil, only helps us fund our assistance to them. If we make a little profit from their oil, it is a small price to pay for their freedom. After all, we are not going to suck them dry. I also applaud Primuspilus on his comments about naysayers in the States. No one is forcing them to live here. I for one am grateful and proud to be a US citizen. We have our faults, but name me a country that doesn't. (Also he has a wayzkewl signature quote)
  6. paolo


    Well, I the way I interpret this question is; did they use translators (of written texts etc) as interpreters. I did a google search using : ancient roman interpreters relations -bible -literature Ad Hoc webpage says : Also, I found this, but I didn't read through it, it looked like there might be something in it : pdf file
  7. paolo

    Quick Latin Test

    Marcus Regulus : what happened to the girl ? Moonlapse : lucky you, did you learn any others since ? (root words didn't seem to help me as much as you)
  8. paolo

    Quick Latin Test

    I just tried to download it with no luck. It downloaded but then said the file was not readable or was corrupted. I can open other pdf files. I tried it on 2 different ones and then tried just to open one on the site. Looks like it could be really helpful, after all you got the same score as me on the test, just after one week ! Foreign languages way too late in schools in the States. There should be more language immersion schools. It's really the only way to truly learn a language. Have you studied other languages ?
  9. paolo

    Roman Paganism

    All religions are the same, they just change the names of the people, places and things to achieve the same goal. Fighting over religions is like fighting over which language is the best. Obviously everyone has their preferred ways of relating, but do we have to say one is better than another ? All world religions, in their 'original forms' teach love, tolerance and humanity. Any version one finds contrary to that is a politically perverted version. Those latter versions are so distorted, they no longer represent the original religion in a valid form. If more people took a deep breath and considered this, we could find something a lot more sensible to have wars over...like perhaps, undisguised coveting of other peoples' property *smiles*...well at least it would be honest.
  10. paolo

    Roman Sites

    I live near a "Pizza Hut" does that count ? Oh yeah, my neighbor is a barbarian, Fatboy, but I'm not in Ireland, one must have escaped to the States. (Somehow, I'm thinking this is not making the same impression as Silentium's post)
  11. paolo

    One Hour In Rome!

    One hour ! Well that rules out a bus tour... Since it's really not going to happen...that's right isn't it ? I will not ponder this for more than a few weeks...but off the top of my head and also, just having read about B.H. Liddell Hart's enthusiastic account of Scipio Africanus, and having the added advantage of our fine post starter's answer, I would agree with him, Battle of Zama
  12. paolo

    Quick Latin Test

    Marcus Regulus *grumbles* not for long It took me more than a week to learn 10 chapters By next week, you will be able to teach me ! Oh, wait, maybe you already can. What book are you using ?
  13. paolo

    Byzantine Empire

    since: the term "Byzantine" is modern different opinions of the Roman Empire/ Byzantine Empire were made (as is often the case from "foreign" points of view) the Roman Empire was made up of many conquered areas which were culturally different as a result of Rome's conquering policy to allow conquered areas to retain their nationality in varying degrees I cast my vote in Fatboy's direction and would say to give one date, as an all-inclusive answer might not be possible. Instead should we not give one according to the Western Roman Empire, another for the "barbarians" and yet a third from the Eastern Roman Empire itself ? PS: excellent post idea and information from everyone
  14. paolo

    Quick Latin Test

    ok, I feel stupid I got 5 out of 10 (only got up to chapter 10ish in Wheelock)
  15. paolo

    John Julius Norwich

    Dan M (and Fatboy) I just came upon the "A Short History of Byzantium" in hardcover, at a used bookstore for $6. I thought I better snatch it up, even though it is not the set of 3. It was worth getting since it is in unread condition and its list price is $31. On the jacket, it says it's based on the three-volume work. I really bought it because you gave it such high ratings. Oh, also because I had money. *smiles* http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books