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    Crassus always seems to have had his thunder stolen by better self-publicising politicians. He seems to have wavered between political success and military success, whether he genuinely sought recognition on both fronts (with partial success) or whether his goals changed according to the people around him (especially Pompey after the servile war) is unclear. I suppose I tend to think of him as a solid general and politician but overshadowed in both repects.
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    What Roman Personality Are You?

    1. Q. Horatius Flaccus 2. Hadrianus 3. Marcus Aurelius 4. Augustus 5. Livius Quite happy to have Horace, Marcus Aurelius and Livy in there, not quite sure where Augustus or Hadrian came from. How did it know I look like Brian Blessed
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    Welcome and Introduce Yourself Here

    Salvete, I am a classics/art history student with the Open University, just finished my classics courses (A219, A330) and embarking on the renaissance art side of things. I have been interested in anything Roman since my parents took me to York and Chester as a child (this was in the 70s, before York went Viking-crazy). I am a former resident of Nova Roma and I still use the name I had there but I left a while ago. Apart from all that I collect cheap roman bronze coins, paint lead roman soldiers and enjoy reading about the history of Rome (especially the late republic/early empire). Hope to speak to you all in due course. Q.Claudius Crispus