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    Request for Official Backup

    Yeah it probably would. I'll go post there as well. Thanks.
  2. Huic Scio

    Request for Official Backup

    Recently I attented a camp for teenagers where the motto was "to give and to serve." You were awarded points for saying this and what they beleived was the Latin for this, "Ad dare servire." I have taken high school Latin for two years and know that their Latin grammar is most incorrect, saying "Towards to give to serve." I have brought this topic up with my latin teacher and he agrees with me. My question to you is this: Will any of you with college or grad degrees write a short paper that states your expertise with the latin language and let them know the epic wrongness of their grammar? I wish to have this rectified soon, for it is a pet peeve when people try to act smart when in actuality they have no idea what they are talking about. I may be wrong, but I think the right way to say the motto would be: "Dare et Servire" Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    I like toast.
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    Steve Jobs RIP

    Never have liked Apple products, but i aknowledge his contributions as well as the next plebus, and honor his memory knowing he did his best.
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    Are these denarii real?

    I would also like to purchase a denarii if you find authenticated ones for less than would break me. Good info here. Thanks.