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  1. Being bored with my major and direction of my schoolwork this past year, I've taken up to reading a lot of ancient history on my spare time to satisfy my pursuit of knowledge or however you may call it. I wouldn't call my knowledge of the Roman civilization great by any means, but I do have several books on them that I've read (including the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire which primarily motivated me to make this list) so I've compiled a list of what in my opinion are the worst people to have ever called themselves Emperor of Rome. I have the list on youtube here: It includes some brief notes on reasons why I placed them in that order (which was kind of hard to do because half of what I read is exaggerated or I couldn't find sufficient proof to mention it) but if you don't want to sit through the whole clip the order is basically: 10. Arcadius 9. Thrax 8. Valentinian III 7. Domitian 6. Caracalla 5. Honorius 4. Nero 3. Commodus 2. Elagabalus 1. Caligula I have my own opinions and criteria that influenced the order of this list but it would be neat to hear other peoples opinions and of course I want to make sure I got my information right! -V