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    Identify the Ancient God

    Number 7 Bacchus, The image of the statue appears as I would imagine.
  2. Perseverantis Debitum

  3. Research Daemons and Titans. They are angels and/or demons. These entities are much like average humans in that they appear angelic when benevolent & demonic when angered. They are often recalled in mythology as hero's, demigod's & lesser deities. In reality the were normal people. Through choice, perseverance of faith in themselves' and a clear willed path to ascend. Sought to be closer to the gods/god and couldn't wait around to be promoted (so to speak). They developed, each on his own, or were born with the ability to live indefinitely (immortal). This doesn't mean they couldn't die through combat, suicide and tragedy. The gods sometimes granted them the ability to resurrect if slain for this exceptional behavior. The story of Jesus is a rather well known one. Archangel Michael is an example. He is often depicted slaying a dragon. This is symbolic of an internal struggle in which the illuminated part of the Daemon gains complete control over its darker side. He becomes a Saint and the protector of mankind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer/Prometheus would be the dark side of Michael. I believe Michael appears in Jewish and Islamic texts as well. Other names of interest that should help: Leviathan,Behemoth, The Seven Princes' of Hell, The Seven Archangels of Heaven, Roman Deities, Greek Mythology, Sumerian Religion. WARNING! "HC SVNT DRACONES" Pursuing knowledge through this way may cause 'Carneval Brain'. Self Illumination will soon follow, keep this to yourself (it can be dangerous to publicly state what you've become), you will soon run into other Illuminatus. Because of you're new ability to see the world as it really exists. You'll literally drown in a flood of epic information inundation proportions. In these stories and myths, you may recognize yourself. This means it's time to assume your persona seeking to become immortal.