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  1. steve53

    Titus as a Propagandist

    I think you are really stretching it here. The "Mary" in book 6 of Wars was hardly celebrating the eucharist- she roasted and ate her own son due to the desperate situations of the seige of Jerusalem by Titus. As for names, there were relatively few Roman names, probably a lot more Greek, but to make a connection between a common name and the Flavian "roots" of Christianity is tenuous. Josephus, certainly, was a sly fox and catered to the egos of Vespasian and all of his sons, to his great good fortune. He would not be above making up an oracle or prophecy to please them. Interestingly, in Wars who is first through the breached walls of Jotapata? Why, General Titus! And who was first through the breached walls of Gamala? Titus, of course!
  2. steve53

    Roman Table manners in Trajan era

    I read it in Angela's "A day in the life of Ancient Rome." I cannot believe the lady who ran the villa would let her guests throw garbage on the floor. And a good slave was valued, and in the upper echelons they slept in the villa. Why piss them off or intentionally degrade them?
  3. I just read that in Rome, during a meal, people would routinely throw the scraps on the floor, instead of stowing them away somewhere on the table or put them in some sort of receptacle. This seems needlessly messy. What was the source for this?