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  1. TY very much Milvadius:)
  2. were they at any time, posted to Hadrians wall?
  3. need to know, if any records of Auxilliaries being posted to Hadrian's Wall, survive?
  4. Arwen

    help me make sense....

    Thank you ghost! that relieves me greatly, and vastly simplifies things! I willl look at the ones you cite. at Wroxeter and the Augusta Raurica and see what they have to offer, but I am still interestedin whatever I can find on the practical usage of the milarium:) and again, thanks very much!!)
  5. I have been reading and devouring just about every article I can find on the layout of the Roman Baths, specifically for a Villa Urbana or Suburbana, and everything I see, seems to contradict themselves on where the users undressed, and where the Apodyterium, the Frigidarium, the tepidarium, the Caldarium, and the praefurnium, and related passageways and doors...some, say the Tepidarium and Caldarium had small circular pools in them, some say they were just regular chambers, heated by the air heated by the Praefurnium fires and passed by clay ductwork into the various chambers, while others indicate that fires were directly under each chamberin the hypocaust, and ond site I looked at, had something about a triple-chambered boiler system which supplied the appropriate-temperature water to each...grrrrr it gets my old head spinning, and I would like to have contact with someone who comprehends these things, and can aid me in comprehension as I work in a virtual world called Second Life, to build, a historically accurate, yet appropriately sized one, first, for the Estate of my SL family, and later, for contibution to exhibits, inworld related to the Roman world.
  6. I have been able to find examples of the Praetorian helmet and greaves, but as yet, unable to find for the Scutum or the torso armor... some seem to indicate that they had their own design of the Lorica Segmentata, pthers, that they used the Lorica Musculata.... can anyone clarify the issue, please?
  7. Arwen

    Roman Dwellings

    Thank you both, Crispina and Ghost, who'da thunk it;) *chuckles
  8. Can anyone point me to reliable sources of info, re the Fourth Cohort and it's role and activities in Britain and do any records by chance, survive, containing the names of any of it's members?
  9. Arwen

    Roman Dwellings

    I am lookinf for information on where the Latrinae, sat, in relation to the rest of the buildings on a Villa Rusticae