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  1. Will do I know we're definatly doing Hardwick this year, but I think the rest are pending confirmation.
  2. Domitia

    The Eagle

    I'll admit that I have not read the book (but am planning to do so once half-term from uni starts). I found the unexplained rescuing of Ecta to be the most unbelievable part, but what I tend to do with films that are shown to be set in a historical time period is to take a step back, and watch it for the entertainment it is intended to be rather than as something 100% accurate - if I wanted that, I'd watch a documentary.
  3. I've actually heard of Medusa, so that would be brilliant! I'm currently going to be portraying a priestess in the meantime, while I get trained and the kit together, as I'd been fighting against a few Celts up until now. Ah; we're mostly in the North-East of Britain, although the group's done events further afield now and then. It does, yes. Re-enacting is a great de-stresser for me as well, and I feel more comfortable in kit than normal clothing.
  4. Roma Antiqva, the VII Claudia.
  5. Salvete omnes I'm never good at introducing myself, so here is the bare bones; I'm a Roman re-enactor, follow the Roman religion and am studying to be a Battlefield Archaeologist with a specialization in either gladiatorial combat or the ancient Roman military. *waves*