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  1. MatthewMcIntosh

    Coinage as Propaganda

    I would like to hear thoughts anyone may have in reference to the use of coinage as a tool of propaganda. In Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction, Karl Galinsky writes, "...coinage at best can reaffirm 'propaganda' though not create it. At most, coin types can serve as a reflection on, and as a record and affirmation of, something that is already known through other sources." (39) I tend to agree with Galinsky, but I'm not quite sure just yet.
  2. MatthewMcIntosh

    Roman Republic poster-size timechart: free to download

    Great resource! Thanks for putting the time and effort into a very nice reference.
  3. MatthewMcIntosh


    I really hate this kind of thing. Kennewick Man is such an example of this. But there comes a point at which gaining historical knowledge is paramount, and if the skeleton is actually Euro-Caucasian, then such burial rights may be argued not to apply. The problem is obviously that Native Americans do not want the possibility of any "white men" being here at any time before them, even though that is becoming largely more accepted. Not in the sense that there were enormous settlements of caucasians, but instead a few here and there that crossed temporary formations and others that have long since disappeared. This whole "claim" thing is ridiculous. Who cares! I don't give a *(&Y) what color or ethnicity a person was. The important information such things provide about human movement is important.
  4. MatthewMcIntosh

    The Fall of the Republic

    It would be helpfull if you could expand/explain what you mean by this comment espercially if you intend providing an alternative viewpoint. My apologies. I did not intend to provide an alternate viewpoint, but was instead making a comment (albeit snide) in reference to Beck in matters of history. He often relies on David Barton for the information he provides. No need to go into that any more here that the one comment, and I honestly shouldn't have done that. Sometimes temptation overrides wisdom
  5. MatthewMcIntosh

    The Fall of the Republic

    I wonder if he called "professor" David Barton for his info on this.