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    Essay Questions

    That's a great idea. Thanks!
  2. Augusta

    Essay Questions

    Hi all! I'm currently halfway through my BA majoring in Ancient History and before I graduate and move on (fingers crossed) to a Masters degree I'd love to improve my essay writing skills. So, I was hoping for some question ideas to base some practice essays around. I must say, Late Republican Rome is my favourite period of Roman history at the moment so something surrounding that would be great. Thanks in advance, A historian in training!
  3. Hi there! I study Ancient History (mostly Roman because you know, they had it going on!) at university here in Australia. I'm not having the best time with it ATM (Essay hell!) but I'm still head over heels in love with Roman history. So here's hoping I can get through this semester and dominate it from here on out! And I suppose I'm mostly here to meet more history nerds!