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  1. Numa Pompilius

    A good book on Greek and Roman mythology.

    I can't really answer that question because i don't know that much about celtic mythology. I do know that the Roman story on how the world was created is very similar to christianity. It even tells about a flood like Noah's Arc.
  2. Numa Pompilius

    Where can I find a book or a....

    I want a book that is a primary source and that goes in-depth.
  3. Numa Pompilius

    A good book on Greek and Roman mythology.

    I've never heard of that book, does it have more information than Bullfinch's? And I guess your right about how it doesn't explain which are greek and which are Roman.
  4. Numa Pompilius

    The Horatii and the Curatii brothers

    . After Rome took controll of Alba they left mettius in command of his army. And if Tullus ever needed help when fighting he could call on mettius' army (he did use mettius in a battle once.)
  5. Numa Pompilius

    The Horatii and the Curatii brothers

    Yes I am sure that most of it is a myth but i still like the story.
  6. Numa Pompilius

    A good book on Greek and Roman mythology.

    Bulfinch's Greek and Roman Mythology The Age of Fable is a good book that covers what the romans believed. It aslo covers Hindu, Greek, Northern, and Eastern mythology. It has stories of Beowolf, Budha, Ulysses (odysseus), The Trojan War, Hercules and more. This book was first published in 1855 which covered all the listed above and medieval tales, oriental fables and more, The Age of Fable is the first section of the mythology.
  7. Numa Pompilius

    Where can I find a book or a....

    Where can I find a book or a series of books about the Roman republic from the begining to the end?
  8. Numa Pompilius

    Would Rome have survived under a republic?

    The Roman senate probably would have been able to solve the problem of money if they had the chance. But since it was controlled by the Emporers the senate couldn't really controll where the money went. Also the Emperors spent a lot of money on personal pleasures.
  9. Numa Pompilius

    Who here knows latin?

    yeah i never saw that there was a subfolder fo latin. Sorry... ...Thanks for the advice on my forum but i don't think i need it anymore
  10. Before I tell you who the Horatii and the Curatii are, I am going to tell why these brothers were a major part of roman history. During Tullus Hostilius' reign he encountered a problem with the Albans; the town of Alba were stealling cattle all along the border of Roman territory. Tullus sent an envoy to Gaius Cluilius (king of Alba at the time,) their mission was to ask for the return of the stolen property; Cluilius refused which gave Tullus a good reason to go to war. The Albans made the first move, they went straight into Roman territory and dug a trench called Cluilius's Trench (which supposedly lasted for a few centuries afterward); during the time the Albans were entrenched Cluilius died and the power was given to Mettius Fufetius. The second move was made by Tullus, by the cover of darkness he and his army went unoticed into Alban territory. When Mettius reallized what had happened he sent a envoy to Tullus asking for a conference, Tullus accepted the offer. Mettius said the first word "Our king Cluilius" he said "told me, if I remember, that we were about to fight over a matter of brigandage and the refusal to restore stolen property in accordance with our treaty; and I have no doubt that you, Tullus, are prepared to retort in similar terms. So be it. If, however, we let specious arguments go and tell each other the truth, we should admit that our two nations, close neighbors and blood relations as we are, have a deeper reason for going to war: I mean, ambition and love of power. Whether rightly or wrongly I will not venture to say, for that is a question decided, no doubt , by him who undertook to wage this war. As for me, I am only the man of the Albans chose to conduct it. But what i would suggest to you, Tullus, is this: you know the strength of Etruscans who threaten to encircle us, and you know it is even better than we, as you are closer to them. They are strong on land, and at sea very strong indeed. Do not forget, when you give the signal for battle, that they will be watching us, ready, when we have worn each other out, to attack us both, victor and vanquished alike. Surley, therefore, unless both our countires are condemned to peridition, we should be able to find a better solution. The assurance of liberty is not, it seems, enough for us, and we are about to gamble for empire or slavery; nevertheless, can we not find some means of deciding the issue between us which, however the fight may go on, will at least avoid crippling losses either to you or to ourselves?" Tullus took this proposition into consideration even though he knew that he could beat them in battle. A plan was made, in both armies there were three brothers who were of a young age and very active, the brothers name for the Albans was the Curatii and the Romans were the Horatii. The brothers would fight three against three the victorious would gain controll over the vanquished. Both Commanders accepted the plan and prepared their champions for the fight. The fight started and as the fight went on both sides were cheering for their champions knowing that if they lost, they would become servants to the other country. Then after a long fight blood began to flow, all three of Albas chanpions were injured and one of the Romans had fallen, then another. The Albans began to cheer even louder as their champions began to win the fight. The last brother for the Romans was left fighting three, noticing that all three albans were injured and he was unhurt he ran untill the Albans were spaced out enough for him to fight them one on one. He killed one and the other two Albans ran toward him. Another fell to the Horatii's sword; it looked as if the Romans still had a chance after all. Finally the last Alban cought up to him and was struck down. The Horatii had won the day which meant that Rome claimed all Alban territory. If the Horatii brothers had lost this battle Rome would have never existed. So all ancient Roman fans should be thanking them to this day.
  11. Numa Pompilius

    Would Rome have survived under a republic?

    i don't know if any one has said this yet but the discipline of the roman army was better during the republic and the armour they had was better than the imperial legion; therefore the germanic tribes would probably not stand a chance to the republican legion.
  12. Numa Pompilius

    abyssus bonus populus

    abyssus omnis. ego sum Numa Pompilius. si vos planto creo forum pro latin orator narro ego.
  13. Numa Pompilius

    If Carthages fleet...

    If the Carthaginian fleet that was carrying supplies to Harmilcars army in sicily didn't lose the sea battle of the Aegates Islands; would it have enabled the Carthaginian army to take the rest of sicily? Please give your reason why you chose the answer you did, if you have one.
  14. Numa Pompilius

    Who here knows latin?

    Yes it does, thanks. please visit my forum i am creating for latin speakers. I will need some help on what to put in it. http://s11.invisionfree.com/LatinSpeakers/index.php
  15. Numa Pompilius

    Who here knows latin?

    Could you tell me what imperfect, perfect and present mean?