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    Bust of Flavius Josephus

    I have a keen interest in Flavius Josephus and his Bust have always fascinated me, but is the bust genuinely that of Flavius Josephus , Any experts in Bust wanna take a Second look at it. The bust has no identification marks and the identification was made by Robert Eisler on the basis of Eusebius
  2. Divus Iulius

    Titus as a Propagandist

    I have being doing a lot of reading, specially that of Suetonius, Josephus, Tacitus and Pliny, so here are some quotes of these Historian, that suggest that the Flavians and rose to power through Propaganda [Tacitus, Histories, 1. 10.] Flavius Vespasian, a general of Nero's appointment, was carrying on the war in Judaea with three legions, and he had no wish or feeling adverse to Galba. He had in fact sent his son Titus to acknowledge his authority and bespeak his favour, as in its proper place I shall relate. As for the hidden decrees of fate, the omens and the oracles that marked out Vespasian and his sons for imperial power, we believed in them only after his success. [Tacitus, History, 5. 13] in the ancient records of their priests was contained a prediction of how at this very time the East was to grow powerful, and rulers, coming from Judaea, were to acquire universal empire. These mysterious prophecies had pointed to Vespasian and Titus, [suetonius, Life of Vespasian, 4] An ancient superstition was current in the East, that out of Judea would come the rulers of the world. This prediction, as it later proved, referred to the two Roman Emperors, Vespasian and his son Titus; but the rebellious Jews, who read it as referring to themselves. [Josephus War of the Jews, 6.5.4] But now, what did most elevate them [the Jews] in undertaking this war was an ambiguous oracle that was found in their sacred writings, how,
  3. King Hadrian was a Famous Builder, He built the Wall boarding Scotland and England , but he also built "Aelia Capitolina", which is the Old City of Jerusalem. Josephus, a contemporary, reports that "Jerusalem during the War (70-72CE) ... was so thoroughly razed to the ground by those that demolished it to its foundations, that nothing was left that could ever persuade visitors that it had once been a place of habitation." King Hadrian built, in 135, The City of Aelia Capitolina, and several Temples to many Roman Gods, In-fact even Herod built Roman Temples to Roman Gods and idolized Divus Iulius and Augustus. Why would a Roman City , be sacred to the Three Monotheistic religions ? Do Roman Historians agree that Temple Mount is a Roman Creation ?
  4. Divus Iulius

    The Lost City of Aelia Capitolina

    Prophet is a Greek word (Prophetes) (Speak Before/Those whom Spoke Before/Ancestor) in that definition , "Romulus" IS a Prophet too, and Romans believed to descend from Romulus were (Rome/Roman) derived. Jesus claims descent from Abraham, is no different from Julius Caesar claiming descent from Romulus or Aeneas. Abraham/Abraam "Ab=Father and Raam/Rome? ", does that name evoke "Father Rome" / Romulus. Their is something very Roman about Judaism. The Archaeological Evidence of the Imperial Cult shows that symbolism used in the Cult, Which was the Star and the Cross, which are now the Symbol of Christianity and Judaism. as well as the Design of the Temples, which became the Church and Synagogue of today. The Above is a Burial Tomb found in Israel dating to the Roman Period of Judea, whom people claim to be used by Jesus, but the Design of the Tomb is Roman. Coins depicting Julius and Augustus Caesar, the side of the coin showing Julius Caesar with the Greek "THEOS". (God) And the Flamen Apex worn by the Priests of the Temple in Hierosolyma as depicted below have the "Sidus Iulium" on them. The Archaeological evidence of the popularity of the Imperial Cult is abundant , but no one seems to take any notice.. So they assume that the 6-Pointed Star is the Star of David , Which is factually the "Sidus Divus Iulium". (Star of Caesar) .
  5. Divus Iulius

    The Lost City of Aelia Capitolina

    "Iudaean" refers to Native inhabitants , but not a term referring to a Religious Group, but the specific for the religious group whom followed the Novel form of worship (The Torah) were called the "Pharisee", which is akin to "Stoicism".(F.Josephus) They is no Evidence that Abraham existed , In-fact the same thing is used in Roman Times, were "Julius Caesar" is described to be descended from Aeneas and Venus. Bar Kokhba means "Son of the Star", showing the Roman Temple with "Sidus Iulium" (The Star of Julius Caesar/ or Comet, or Symbol of Venus) Traders and speculators of Iudaea whom Caesar had protected, were the first? to mourn god Caesar sacrifice initiating the FIRST cult of Divus Iulius, which they merge in Hierosolyma with the local gods. This happen all through the vast empire and proven with Archaeology The Roman City of Aelia Capitolina http://www.tedmontgomery.com/bblovrvw/emails/images/Temple.DomeoftheRock.jpg]
  6. Divus Iulius

    The Lost City of Aelia Capitolina

    This would be the same John Allegro who wrote The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross? [/size][/size] An interesting viewpoint by all accounts when first written and still raising eyebrows today amongst most scholars. [/size][/size] [/size] The linkage between Roman and Greek mythology is well attested however the jury is still out on the other leg of your proposition. [/size][/size] The Greek and Roman Mythology is well Attested , But so is the mythology between the Phoenician and the Greeks, as seen in the works of Sanchuniathon or Phllo of Byblos. The God "EL" according to Sanchuniathon equates with the Greek "Chronos", and Yahweh is the Son of EL and this is written in the Torah, but the deities are in "Epithet" Form... So EL is Israel/Jacob and Yahweh becomes Judah. Chronos = Jacob = Saturn Rhea = Leah = Ops Zeus = Judah = Jove Hera = Dinah = Juno The Equated deities have similar pronunciation (Rhea/Leah) and (Dinah/Juno). The Goddess "Rhea" (Which we equate with Leah), Is also Equated with "Cybele", the name also known as "KUBeLEyAn" (compare jaCOB_LEAH) Cybele and Rhea was titled "the Great IDAIAN mother of the Gods" (Magna Mater deorum Idaea) and Leah gives birth to JUDAH (IDA)(she was also IDAEA MATER) , Tacitus equates IUDAEA with IDA and ZEUS was born/raised in Mount IDA . also Jesus and King David was born in Judea (Ida) There is no Evidence for "King David", because he was not a king, he was a God, He was Zeus...(David / The name is a Form of Yhwh/Zeus/Deus/Dyeu-d)(Dav-id).
  7. Divus Iulius

    Help Us Name the Moons of Pluto!

    Aiakos and Rhadamanthys, The Two Guardians of Hades
  8. Divus Iulius

    The Lost City of Aelia Capitolina

    The Dead Sea Scholar, John Allegro , Did indeed verify that Yahweh, Zeus and Jove are the same in Origin, the 3 Deities are composed of Two Syllables , which is IA (ya, dialectally za), and U ( or W/V).
  9. Divus Iulius

    Top ten Roman Atrocities?

    1) Created the Abrahamic Religions 2) Imperator Constantine established Christianity as Official Religion 3) Created the Vatican 4) Burnt down the Library of Alexandria 5) Destroyed the Egyptian Kingdom 6) Destroyed Druid Cultures 7) Claudius Naumachia where 19,000 POWs fight and die. 8) War of Iudaia 9) Commodus slaying groups of cripples http://en.wikipedia....s_the_gladiator 10) Plagiarism of other Cultures
  10. Divus Iulius

    The Lost City of Aelia Capitolina

    You are using Modern Rhetoric that did not exist in Roman Times , which is the term "Jews". Take example "Tacitus" or "Suetonius" , the term is "Iudaians", meaning people that lived in a Particular region. This thus Evidence that the Iudains embraced the Imperial Cult, also "King Herod", all his children were given the additional named of "Marcus Julius" (Honor of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony) Then the Symbols of the Imperial, One being the Comet of Caesar (Sidus Iulium), which is abundantly found in the Archaeology of Israel Priests of the Imperial Cult
  11. Divus Iulius

    The Lost City of Aelia Capitolina

    The Temple remains that stand today are Roman and Built by Hadrian, but even the Temple that Herod built were also Roman, Herod built the Caesarea, many Roman Bath Houses, and during his Reign, the Imperial Cult was created, and Augustus built temples all over the Roman Empire, the Temple that Herod built was part of the Imperial Cult , and it is proven with Archaeology. Hadrian dedicated the City to "IOVE" (Jupiter) According to some scholars Jove is pronounced yo-ve and pronounced by some as "ya-o-ve." (Jahovah), Identical to the God of Judaism, So Hadrian dedicated the City to a Roman God which is pronounced the same way was the Jewish God. Also, King Hadrian established "Syria-Palestine", which are the Roman/Greek renderings of the names "Israel-Philistia". I believe this is Evidence of Deliberate rewriting of History.
  12. Divus Iulius

    The Lost City of Aelia Capitolina

    Aelia came from Hadrian's nomen gentile, Aelius, while Capitolina meant that the new city was dedicated to IOVIS, The City was dedicated to the Supreme Roman God thus it was a Sacred Roman City and a Roman Creation. In-fact, their is another Roman City in Israel called Nablus , which was founded by Imperator Vespasius in 72CE, in Roman Times it was named Neapolis, "Tomb of Joseph" and "Jacob's Well" in Nablus are Roman Creations.
  13. Facebook is useless, full of fake friends and spammers

  14. Fascinating, The Red Cross is shown, which are symbols of Victory, they may have hung the Armour of the Victorious upon it, Why does the Article say "Red Palm" when its a "Cruciform Tropaeum" , It as a Shield on it..
  15. Divus Iulius

    Does Yule mean Julius Caesar

    Is they any connection with "Yule" and "Julius Caesar". Julius Caesar did indeed create the "Julian" Calender and selected December 25 as the Winter Solstice , and upon the death of Julius Caesar was venerated to the status of a "Sun-God" which would mutate into Sol Invictus. The Christmas Star would then be the "Sidus Iulium", the Comet of Caesar and also "Venus". The Decoration of "Christmas Tree" with Shiny Metal would then derive from the decoration of "Trees" or "Cruciform Tropaeum" with Shiny Armour, Swords and spoils of War. The Roman Empire did conquer Britain and the Nordic Countries and the Roman Influences would have spread their..
  16. Divus Iulius

    Does Yule mean Julius Caesar

    It would need to be Cruciform for the Armour to be conviently placed upon and all depictions of the Trophy are Cross Shaped. Justin Martyr (Flavius Justus). But in no instance, not even in any of those called sons of Jupiter, did they imitate the being crucified .... that of the cross....And the power of this form is shown by your own symbols on what are called
  17. Divus Iulius

    Does Yule mean Julius Caesar

    Regarding "Cruciform Tropaeums".. were Rome decorated Tree's with Armour, Shiny Objects, and Spoils of War.. When Did Rome stop this Tradition , If one could connect Decorating Christmas Trees with the Decorating of Trees at the End of a victorious Battle , then that can be put forward as an origin for the Tradition. What type of Trees did Rome used to Decorate Armour?
  18. Gaius Calpurnius Piso was the lead conspirator to the Pisonian Conspiracy, and trying to construct his family tree. The pages on Wikipedia of these people, i tend to find contradictions or errors... The Brother of "Gaius C. Piso" was "Lucius Calpurnius Piso Frugi Licianus". this guy, became Emperor for 5 days. Then the father of Gaius C. Piso", would then be "Marcus Licianus Crassus Frugi", and mother being "Scribonia Magna". Pompey The Great (Married) Mucia Tertia | Pompeia Magna = Lucius Cornelius Cinna | Cornelia Pompeia = Lucius Scribonius Libo (Consul 16) | Scribonia Magna = Marcus Licianus Crassus Frugi | Gaius C. Piso and Lucius C.Piso This is were things do not make sense, "Lucius Scribonius Libo", was the grandson of another "Lucius Scribonius Libo", whom married "Cornelia Sulla", the daughter of Pompeia Magna http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucius_Scribonius_Libo L. Scribonius Libo (praetor 80 BC) Whom had married Cornelia Sulla, the daughter of Pompeia Magna (daughter of triumvir Pompey from his third marriage to Mucia Tertia) L. Scribonius Libo (consul 16 AD) (Grandson of Above) Whom married Cornelia Pompeia Magna, who was the daughter of Pompeia Magna (daughter of triumvir Pompey from his third marriage to Mucia Tertia) This family tree is not possible ?
  19. I have this quote whilst reading through Plutarch, which is very interesting. Plutarch. Nicias. 29 Written 75 C.E. few were stolen away and? sold into slavery, or succeeded in passing themselves off for serving men. These, when they were sold, were branded in the forehead with the mark of a horse http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Plutarch/Lives/Nicias*.html In the above passage writes "branded in the forehead with the mark of a horse", what is a "Mark of a Horse" ??? It is very interesting that "Horse/Ippos" interchanges with "Beast", so "Mark of the Horse" becomes "Mark of the Beast" "Plutarch. Nicias 29" , talks about being "Sold/Bought", Mark of the Beast, and "Forehead. so the author of "Book of Revelation" simply reworded the passage. Revelations 13:17-18 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name, This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666 Plutarch. Nicias. 29 Written 75 C.E. few were stolen away and? sold into slavery, or succeeded in passing themselves off for serving men. These, when they were sold, were branded in the forehead with the mark of a horse It would be obvious that "Mark of the Horse" would more-likely to have being "Numbers", they numbered the Horses, In Plutarch they placed the "Number/Marks" upon the Slaves, whom were Sold, and in Revelations, they depict a "Man", being Branded with a Number, and Revelations state "No Once can Sell, unless they have the Number", obvious they are talking about "Slaves i.w, Christians. Any comments on this Perspective/
  20. Divus Iulius

    Romans/Greeks branded/numbered Slaves?

    Whomever wrote the Book of Revelations , had access to the works of "Plutarch", and the works of "Suetonius" , So I cannot accept that Revelations was written by poor Jewish Exiles, but rather written by those whom were Rich, aristocratic, and likely written in the City of Rome. Why were this Book of Revelations addressed to 7 Churches, when according to Roman Archaeology, all of them were really Temples to the Imperial Cult. I do not understand the total lack of Input regarding to the Imperial Cult of Rome in the First Century.
  21. I have being studying the Flavian Emperors , and i am getting very confused with the Wives of Titus and Sabinus. Here is my Problem. Titus Flavius Sabinus (consul 47) He married Arrecina Clementina, born in Pisaurum, Italy, c. 12 AD, daughter of Arrecinus and wife Tertulla and sister of Marcus Arrecinus Clemens, and had one son, also called Titus Flavius Sabinus, and one daughter Flavia Emperor Titus, Son of Vespasian He Married Arrecina Tertulla, Tertulla
  22. Divus Iulius

    Wives of Titus and Sabinus, Historical Errors?

    I am hoping to attract some interest in this topic to revise this part of history, but they a lot possible errors regarding the Flavian Family For example on every site, they seem to suggest "Titus Flavius Sabinus" (brother of vespasian) was married to "Mariamne" or "Arria the Elder", and had a daughter named "Arria the Younger", whom had a Son called "Arrius Piso", what evidence is there, for this ? http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~bhusler/Bill/Reunion/Web%20Cards/wc01/wc01_139.html I can see that its written that Sabinus married "Arrecina", and Arria the Elder married "Caecina Paetus", and there offspring was Arria the Younger, or "Arria Caecina", Now compare "Arria Caecina" with "Arrecina" ARR_ECINA ARR(ia) (Ca)ECINA Now concerning "Paetus" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucius_Caesennius_Paetus The Above (Paetus) married Flavia, born c. 30, daughter of Titus Flavius Sabinus and wife Arrecina Clementina whom had a son called "Lucius Junius Caesennius Paetus" who married Arria Antonina, maternal aunt of Antoninus Pius, and had a son Lucius Caesennius Antoninus. So now the Flavian Family bridges with "Antoninus Pius". I am pretty certain there are Errors with these historical records, and they need to be revised and revisited.
  23. Divus Iulius

    Wives of Titus and Sabinus, Historical Errors?

    I have made a Family Tree , any Roman Scholars Verify this tree.
  24. Divus Iulius

    Your Sun (Zodiac) Sign

    Are not these Zodiac Signs out of date ? We being in the Age of Pisces, then why is "Pisces" not First, so it seems we are actually the Sign before the Sign.. So if your a Leo, your really a Cancer ? , or even a Gemini. if we entered Aquarius.
  25. Divus Iulius

    How to pronounce Roman names

    Mettius is a Sabine Name http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mettius_(praenomen) The name appears also in Livy, where a "Mettius Curtius" appears as a Sabine Warrior , whom fought under Titus Tatius, whom bizarrely appears as "Matthias Curtus" in Titus Josephus, as his Great-Grandfather. Iulius Caesar , who after his death, became DIVVS IVLIVS , and this name also written as "DIVO IVLI", and IVLI > IULI (July), could IVLI have become YULE, as in Yule-Tide ?. It is also interesting that he was known as Theos http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2782/5720930968_7f9de483c3_z.jpg Theos, which is DEVS/DIVVS in Latin ? and how are "DIVO, DIVVS, DEVS" Pronounced