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  1. Misthoforos

    Roman Cavalry

    I see
  2. How big were the Roman Cavalryman's horse in height and weight? as in how many hands high etc...
  3. Misthoforos

    Rome's Enemies

    That's a very open ended question. The early history of Rome is somewhat sketchy. It seems to me that after the second punic war they dominated numerous opponents that had previously been considered very strong. Must have gained valuable experience through the years they fought peoples.
  4. Just how powerful were the enemies of Rome when they first were coming to power??? from the taking of Italy to the growth of their empire.
  5. What did slingers carry in their possibles bag or shepherd bag/shot bag besides ammo?
  6. Hi, I am from the state of Alaska, been interested in ancient history for a while now since my early teens. I've studied almost everything; from a lil bit of politics, trade, daily life, and military conflicts of most people of Antiquity. From Steppe Nomads to North African Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Celts/Celt-Iberians, Britons, nd everyone in between. I'm a part-time slinger and interested in slingers in various ancient armies, and a player of almost all Total War games.