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    A Romanised Christianity?

    Interesting posts. Thanks for the replies. I don't see Christianity's rise as inevitable, particularly because it was involved in so many theological disputes and 'splits' within its own community, it must have looked strange from the outside in. The Roman Senate in particular appeared to be very resistant to abandoning traditional Roman polytheism as well, even well until the Christian era.
  2. Hi All Is it possible that Christianity could have been more romanised in the sense that it didn't contradict the earlier heritage of Rome? For example is there a way to reconcile the divinity of Rome with that of Christ? Could the theology be morphed to appear that Rome paved the way for Christ to come on earth - that the Divine Caesar, Divine Augustus etc were also tools that set the conditions for God's son on earth? Could all these old Roman gods become Saints for example? I think the only way this could work would be if elements of Arianism and Adoptionism became the official creed. That way a hiararchy is established in theology, as well as the doctrine of God using people as a means to project his message (through the doctine of Adoptionism). It just seems to me that Constantine could have manipulated further to make the Christian religion also venerate Rome. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi All, came across this site and thought I would like to become a member. Have had an interest in Rome for a long time, only recently came across the BBC 'I, Claudius' which has reinvigorated my childhood interest. Been reading many books and watching many documentaries to get up to speed. Looking forward to contributing to the discussions.