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  1. oooh thats a mans tea ! @pattisons159 melt in the mouth sirloin with roast mediterranean veg & chorizo. #britishbeef http://t.co/oK74xrmr

  2. strange request .... Where can i find a wig ? Somewhere in tameside that i can go after 5pm ? Xxx

  3. its like a nice spring morning out there today ???

  4. is watching 2012 ........for the 1st time ........wonder if it'll happen ????? xxx

  5. wants to do some plugging for some friends http://t.co/4AkdLXZl who knows this place !!??

  6. just booked our tickets for #PompeiiExhibition ..... but for the wrong weekend !!!!!! bollox !!! @britishmuseum.

  7. is confused as to what day and time it is ?

  8. I want the Roma Victrix Beaker @UNRV

  9. and the offers still there for a T.bone for any1 who scores for mossley !


    #f1 is so much better with a drink !

  11. you know what, i've fell out with derren brown lately but i think the mint thing worked #derrensmells

  12. awsome ! Tameside radio playing the years 1st xmas song !

  13. washed my #movember fuzz with shampoo this morning and now it waves in the breeze as i breath xxx kinda tickles xxx

  14. morning xxx does it seem warmer today or is it just me ?

  15. ??????-r @infaweb_SEOHow do you gather data for offline marketing to compare results to online marketing?

  16. not bad ! Im gona trim it down a bit soon into the hulk hogan ! @motherstep hows your movember going pal ?

  17. mine was too in that area, Rt @gmptamesideeast vehicles broken into birch st dukinfield

  18. has woken up in the scottish hills xxx chilli but it looks pretty nice xxx


    #Ff @lol_piccys he helped me jump start my car and i promised him id get him some more followers ! Xxx

  20. who won the victrix beaker ???
  21. pattisons

    Roma Victrix Beaker

    so did any1 win the cup or will there be another chance to win it ?
  22. lol RT @RiksRedGuard Get yourself a mirror, for f*ck sake it's Mossley, not Delph. We have invented glass here, haven't we?

  23. so how do you shave under your chin trying to get a straight line upside down,backwards in a steamy mirror sliding a blade over your throat?