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  1. Chris Wiles Photos

    Reading Roman Inscriptions

    Book by John Rogan Titled Reading Roman Inscriptions. It is on Amazon and is selling well in UK. We are looking for a US Publisher. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Reading-Roman-Inscriptions-John-Rogan/dp/0752439529/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353494602&sr=8-1
  2. Chris Wiles Photos

    Dig at Butt Road Colchester UK Roman graveyard

    Just been to see the latest dig by the Colchester Archaeological Trust work on a car park on more of the large graveyard outside Camulodunum Rome's first city in UK. Also news on the Circus there check the link Colchester Archaeological Trust dig
  3. Chris Wiles Photos

    Marble from the Empire

    In St Lawrence Church in Great Waldingfield Suffolk UK there is an interesting sight. In the 19th century two ladies from the parish went to Rome and Egypt and bought some marble fragments that were from the rich houses and palaces of the Empire. They got an Italian craftsman to make mosaics from it and shipped it back to the UK. It now lines the walls of the sanctuary in the church. A little bit of Rome in Suffolk. The church is open 2-4pm most days link to picture
  4. Chris Wiles Photos


    Roman Road at Coimbretovium Recently on my travels round my home county of Suffolk UK I came upon a Roman fort that existed along the road from Norwich to London The link shows all that remains the very typical straight road that now runs through a rare breeds farm. I had never thought of the staging posts needed along the way but just wanted to share this