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    Hi there everyone! Firstly I do apologise in advance if I am not going about this the right way. I am posting on behalf of my father in-law, author Nick Morris. Nick has a very keen interest in all things Roman, with hundreds of books, Even being a History teacher. The reason I am posting here is because Nick has just finished his novel - War Raven. The eBook which has recently been posted on Amazon this week, has had 6 long hard years of work behind it. After all of Nicks work, I believe he really deserves to get this noticed, I myself not a keen historic person, loved reading through the gladiator style book! Here is a quick summary about the eBook: "The War Raven narrates a barbarian's epic bid for liberty and revenge and heralds the beginning of the end for his mighty Roman oppressors . . . When a Germanii village is savagely decimated by the Nineteenth Legion of the Roman army, the young warrior Guntram is captured and bound for the gladiatorial school of 1st Century Pompeii. He has had to watch the horrific murders of his mother and sister, but he has also witnessed the survival and abduction of his sweetheart and young brother; if only for their sakes, he determines to channel his relentless fury and formidable strength into ensuring his own survival." You can read the first 3 chapters FREE on Amazon now: http://www.amazon.co.uk/War-Raven-ebook/dp/B009M5JUBE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349727334&sr=8-1 If you can please just have a look, Possibly give a rating aswell if possible as I know this would mean the world to him. To the moderators/admins, I do apologise if you need a premium sort of based account to post a link here. If this is the case, Will you please PM me so I can arrange this. Thank you very much, Ross. http://www.nickmorris.me.uk