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  1. Hello, Just a quick announcement. Dark City Games just published my Roman historical fiction advenutre WOLVES ON THE RHINE. It is set on the Gaul/ Germania border in 42 A.D. Players are part of the 20th legion. Here is a synopsis: In a lonely outpost, on the border between the Roman Empire and the barbarian hinterlands stands a small group of Roman soldiers. Raids by barbarian hordes threaten your Legion, and soon the Empire itself! Someone is growing rich from these raids and it may not be the barbarians alone. As the Twentieth Legion teeters on the brink of collapse, YOU must find a way to stop the Wolves on the Rhine! It is a light Role Playing/ tactical combat adventure which may be played solitaire, or with up to 6 Legionnaires! No Game master is needed! For $12.95 The adventure comes complete with: Game Rules The Adventure Battle Map FULL COLOR player/ enemy counters All you need to supply is paper, pencil, and three 6 sided dice. If you are interested in seeing more, please visit: www.darkcitygames.com Best Regards, Christopher Brandon