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    Agora, the movie

    I watched the movie and really enjoyed it; speccially the all atmosfere, the struggles betwen oposing forces: recommnended
  2. JP Vieira

    Rome and the War Elephants

    Elephants had several disavantages and the strenght of the Roman Army being in its superior infantry, i belive that were the causes for them not to use often
  3. JP Vieira

    Season's Greetings

    Thanks to all for your replies: to all happy Holidays
  4. JP Vieira

    Season's Greetings

    Hello Just to wish all members, their families and friends Happy Holydays. To all best regards
  5. Very interesting: thanks for posting
  6. JP Vieira


    hello I am glad you are ok with it... The P-38 profile is not mine; it is from Miguel Amaral, another of the illustrators of our website. P-38's will be back in an action print some time in the near future; stay tunned to the website. Best regards to all
  7. JP Vieira


    I LIKE it!! Sorry about it... too much text at a time.
  8. JP Vieira


    Hello Thanks to all for your interest and comments. Trying to answer some of the questions : To Northen Nelly: Painting of WWII: not yet: I am doing 2 illustrations at the moment (action illustration featuring combat scenes - not profiles like this one): one depicting Hellcats and a Zero and another P-38's and a Rufe (seaplane version of the Zero); others (WWII, WWI and modern are also planned). To Caldrail: I use, as a basis, a line side view of the plane, load it up to Photoshop, make a version of it and paint with layers. To Julius Ratus: I actually started painting the classical T-34 some months ago, but lost some interest in it and put it aside; maybe in some time i will restart it. To DecimusCaesar: I had my work Publisher in the first 2 issues of Ancient warfare; I am planning a series of prints about the Ancient World; please keep in touch. To Gaius Ocatavius and Moonlapse: thanks for your comments. This illustration will serve as the basis for a series of prints depicting MiG-15 aces of the Korean war; It will be available soon. Best regards to all
  9. JP Vieira


    Hello Here is a study I made about polished metal surface aircraft. I used the famous MiG-15 as a subject, in order to understand and develop new methods of depicting metal polished aircraft. I will do a follow on to this one to study the depiction of weathering on aircraft with these kinds of surfaces. All comments are most welcome. Best regards to all
  10. JP Vieira

    Season's Greetings

    Hello Just to wish every member of the forum, their families and friends season's greetings and a fantastic new year of 2008. Cheers JP Vieira
  11. JP Vieira

    Late Roman Army

    Not my area, but would love to see your projected comic, Necromaniac
  12. JP Vieira

    Late Roman Army

    Hello Caldrail: thank you very much for your support. Lost_Warrior & Melvadius: these are some sketches that I made for a few illustrations; they are part of a bigger project that, in the end (I do not know when) will depict the evolution of the Roman soldier (from the birth of the site to the fall of the empire). Many thanks to all I hope that next year at least some of the illustration of this massive project will be finished and I will display them here. Best regards
  13. JP Vieira

    MiG-29 early artist's impressions

    Hi Caldrail When I saw this images, it too took me back to my teenager years: I am currently acquiring some booksfrom this time. It is allways a pleasure to look at them. Cheers JP Vieira
  14. Hello Here are some of my future illustration projects: late Roman soldiers. All comments and suggestions are most welcomed. Best regards JP Vieira
  15. The Mig-29, as with other Soviet aircraft, started their