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  1. Have you read factor #1 of the essay? The mithra cults didn't have the shame aspect of crucifixion to deal with. JP's premise in factor #1 could be repesented by the question "why would anyone accept a crucified saviour?" Why would anyone accept such a story about a god who suffered the most shameful, despicable death, the one that is reverved for the most wretched of persons? No other saviour/god underwent such shame as Jesus depicted by the New Testament. And in spite of the collective sentiments of nobility and honor throughout the Roman Empire, the story of a god who was degraded by crucifixion should have been immediately snuffed out; instead, it grew to dominate the world.
  2. Internet apologist JP Holding has recently composed an essay detailing his contention, that given the cultural conditions in the Roman Empire, christianity should not have survived; but since the resurrection of Jesus christ was a reality, there was a powerful spirit that beckoned many in those days to embrace this new religion. JP lists 17 factors in this essay, addressing why christianity should have failed from it's conception, that to someone who does not know much about the Roman Empire could find his argument plausible. JP overtly challenges any skeptic to refute him, and those that have are ridiculed on his website as he commences to "refute" their refutation. I would like to discuss the merits of his claims in this essay, as he does come across quite often as convincing. And if he is right, it could prove that christianity is true; I doubt that the essay is without holes made by unhistorical claims, but i'm still hesitant to say that. The essay is not too long, but if anyone could take the time to read it, I would like to begin a discussion, addressing one factor at a time. Here is the link to the essay: http://www.tektonics.org/lp/nowayjose.html Also, some of the refutations of those who argue against this essay are, in my opinion, not making good arguments against it. Those can be found on his website as well if you'd like to check them out.
  3. Ray Fletcher

    Doubting The Gods Of The Roman Empire

    I've been doing some digging around and found the following on the internet: Does this also have any truth to it? That the educated citizens were less inclined to beleive in the gods, but rather participated in the rituals as merely tradition? And thanks for that book suggestion; i've found their book Cults of the Roman Empire on Amazon.
  4. Ray Fletcher

    Doubting The Gods Of The Roman Empire

    I know this is a vaugely specific topic, but do you know of any books that were written that deal with this aspect of religious sentiments in the Roman Empire? or any books that may even referrence any trends of doubt and skepticism within the people of those days with regards to their particular beleif system?
  5. Hello everyone! I have some questions about the religious atmosphere in ancient Rome. I have been doing some research on the skepticism of the gods in ancient Rome after reading the book The Church in History, written by B.A. Kuiper. The first chapter of the book decribes that Jesus couldn't have come on the scene at a better time, because the religious condition at that time was full of doubt about the Roman gods. The premise is that the people would be more inclined to latch onto this new religion (christianity) if their current beleifs are faltering. Is this true? Here is an excerpt from the book that better articulates all this: I would greatly appreciate any feedback.