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  1. Is that admin still on holiday? Pyrros
  2. Can someone correct the incorrect entries to that page please? The site should be base on historical facts not fiction!!! Can the Forum administrator forward my reply to relevant people please?
  3. We know that Philip II (Alexander the Great's father) dethroned Arybas and he placed Alexander I in Epirus. Phillip II has introduced the Macendonian Phalanx which was an inovation at the time. It is possible that Alexander since he was very close to Phillip that he might have adopted the same formation. If not he would have fought the Italian tribes using the usual hoplite phalanx formation. We know from Livy that his army was of good standards and when he engaged against the allied Samnites and Lucanians close to Paestrum in a pitched battle his foes were crushed. Pyrros
  4. Hi, I am new to the site and I found it very interesting. In the interest of Historical accuracy I would like to correct an error that I have noticed in your pages. Specifically in page: http://www.unrv.com/provinces/epirus.php "From about 370 BC on, the Aeacidae were able to expand the Molossian state by incorporating tribes from the rival groups in Epirus. The Aeacidae's efforts gained impetus from the marriage of Philip II of Macedon to their princess, Olympias. In 334, while Alexander the Great, son of Philip and Olympias, crossed into Asia, his uncle, the Molossian ruler Alexander, attacked southern Italy, where he was eventually defeated by Rome and killed in battle in about 331 BC. Upon Alexander the Molossian's death, the Epirote tribes formed a coalition on an equal basis but with the Molossian king in command of their military forces." Alexander A' of Epirus crossed to Italy to help Tarentines and other Greek cities against Loukanians, Brutians, and Samnites. Rome was emerging in the region at the time. He has signed a peace treaty with Rome and then he attacked the allied Loukanians, Samnites and Brutians. He has fought several succesful batles against all of them and captured several of their cities. He also had help from Lukanian exiles who saw an opportunity to be reinstated in power. However, due to unfortunate events his army was divided and overwelmed by the enemy (allied Lukanians,Brutians and Samnites) and he was killed by one of his former allies a Lukanian exile who betrayed him. For more detailed information see: Livy, History of Rome since the Foundation, 8.24 Thank you