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  1. Fides Nemo

    Who would you like to meet most?

    I think I would like to get drunk with Trajan first and then go forward to see Antoninus Pius just to see first hand what kind of a ruler he really was
  2. Fides Nemo

    What Roman Personality Are You?

    I got I. Trajan II. Varus III. Sulla IV. Horace All of them were pretty close so I gotta wonder how does Horace fit in
  3. Fides Nemo

    Who Will Win?

    I said This is a frontal assault which doesn't mean he physically runs behind the spearmen only diagonally beyond where their spear points are effectively pointing at him. He can then attack with relative impunity while they try to sort themselves out and get their weapons back into an effective position - ie retreat, shorten their grip on the spears or draw a close quarters weapon. As I am ignorant of these matters wouldn't either side have some safegaurds setup to prevent such a maneuver like Archers, Slings or some other distance weaponary.
  4. Fides Nemo

    Who Will Win?

    When looking at this sort of "Hand to Hand" combat there are many factors that can turn victory to defeat and defeat to victory, but the most important factor is discipline. Discipline of the individual soldier to obey the commands of the commander, discipline of the commander to make the correct descision and not allow them or their troops to panic. Remember once a line breaks it is a near Herculean feat to reassemble that line in order. Additionally most soldiers are armoured in the front and not their backs and it is a lot easy to stab someone who isn't fighting back. Just my opinion of course
  5. Fides Nemo

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Looks like fun Tsenhpe Meiicl I'm male Thanks
  6. Fides Nemo

    what part of the army would you be in?

    Coming from the poorer side of the population, I would be just a regular old ground pounder in the Imperial Legion. I could see myself riding up to be an Optio.