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  1. Happy birthday, Olympia!

  2. Olympia

    Celtic/roman Culture

    Carpe Jugulum, if you don't lik Romans, why have you got a Latin name?!? In any case, the Romand dominated the Celts (in Gaul thanks to Julius Caesar and in Britain thanks to the Emperor Claudius). P.S.: if you are a Celts' descendant, I am a Romans' one.
  3. Olympia

    Sex In The City !

    At school they taught me that Romans "officially" didn't like orgies like the Greek orpics did and, in any case, disliked omosexuality. They were a bit homophobic...
  4. In anycase, even if Roman culture was deeply influenced by the Greek one, Roman never accepted Greeks for different reasons... First of all they know Greeks had a more elegant culture and they dind't accept their sexual costumes... My teachers taught me that Romans invidiated Greeks (like before they hated the Etruschi (sorry, I don't know the English word...)).
  5. Olympia

    Quick Latin Test

  6. Olympia

    Best Roman Generals

    For me the best was Augusto.
  7. Olympia

    Quick Latin Test

    I got novem right. I am the champion I got it, too... not so good, anyway: I've studied Latin four years long till now! P.S. Sorry for my English... for me, Latin is simpliest than English!
  8. Olympia

    Roman Mythology

    My favourite gid is Marte (roman adaption of the greek Ares), god of war...