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    Spectacle in the Roman World

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    Why Do You Like Rome?

    Thanks for the recommendation; it has received great reviews elsewhere as well. Knowledge isn't cheap however!
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    Why Do You Like Rome?

    First off hello, as this is my first post. I must admit that my interest in the history of Rome and this time period has just begun and was pollinated by the fabulous HBO series, of which I am currently addicted and awaiting the second season to end and be available on DVD (as I don't watch television). With my lack of knowledge being put forth... Rome or the history there of appears as a shining example if not the must glorious example of the hero's journey; that which all mythology teaches and that which we all strive to live our life by. Most if not all societies follow the path of the hero: journey, attainment, return/death. So far in my learning it seems as if Rome was to be the archaic world's billboard for this, for all to learn from; the story being told on every level of Roman life and culminating to become its own final product. I'm interested in how my view of this huge expanse of time changes as I learn more. On that note... I'm struggling to find a general history of Rome in text; something that starts out early enough to allow me to grasp the references of early times found in later periods, yet not too concise as to lose the scope of progress. My knowledge of the time started with that of the HBO series, in the end of the last century BC. Any suggestions? Thanks.