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  1. Julian the Philosopher

    New History Books (August 2014)

    Can't wait for Adrian Goldworthy's "Augustus". Judging from the line up though August is a great month for releases.
  2. Julian the Philosopher

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to find my hidden Roman name. I am Male and my name is as follows: Maseul Njtaz
  3. Julian the Philosopher

    Translation Help if possible

    Recently I have been listening to the Symphonic Death Metal band Ex Deo who write about Roman History and such. I like the band and their music and recently I decided to look up what some of the Latin lyrics from their song "Cruor Nostri Abbas", which led me to find that the Lyrics they tried to write in Latin came out horrible and according to a post I found on this site (http://heavylatin.blogspot.com/2009/10/ex-deo-cruor-nostri-abbas.html) it is extremely difficult to translate and read. If anyone would like to give it a shot here are the lyrics, I am curious to know what Ex Deo tried to say. CRUOR NOSTRI ABBAS (I believe this is supposed to say "The Blood of Our Fathers", but wouldn't that be "Cruor Nostri Patres"?) EGO spiritus meus contemno EGO dominor EGO addo lemma ut suum filiolus EGO ostendo haud misericordia EGO ostendo haud diligo Capio absentis suum posterus EGO dico ordo Telum crudus divum
  4. Julian the Philosopher

    Total War: Rome II

    Honestly, when you have a game on Rome II's size and scale; you'd be foolish not to exepect bugs. In my opinion it is a sequel worthy of the original and it makes it tolerably historically accurate and very funnto play. That said I think alot of the critisims come from people believing that it was going to exceed the original game, because in the end it is extremely difficult to out do the original when it was absolutlely amazing. The bugs can be bad I've heard but I havent experienced many myself. The AI seems to know what its doing on the battle map but can be a be helter skelter in the overall campaign. Diplomacy can best be summerized as asking your neighbors for reasonable things and being rejected for no apparent reason so I say that needs a bit of work. Battles are still great but I have to say that Im going to need to do some serious practice for the naval battles as they can be actually challenging and are out of my comfort zone, which is actually nice I guess. Overall I think the game is great and was pretty much worth me following every announcement religiously for over a year. It has its probelms but so does every game and that doesnt really bother me. I will say though that I am anxious for the new Nomadic Cultures dlc they announced; Indo-European Steppe peoples have always been a facination of mine.
  5. Julian the Philosopher

    Latin pronounciation of Julius

    Thanks its actually kind of funny, a little while after posting that I found my answer. Anyways, yeah thats what I've come across too, thank you.
  6. Julian the Philosopher

    Latin pronounciation of Julius

    Just a quick question, I've been studying classical Latin pronounciation lately and I'm wondering if someone can help by posting a pronounciation guide for Julius. I know Gaius is pronounced Gai-oos and that Caesar is pronounced Kai-sar but I'm at a loss on how to prounounce Julius correctly. Can some one share any insight?
  7. Julian the Philosopher

    Total War: Rome II

    Finally!! Thank you Klingan, Parthia was fun to play as in the original but I can't wait to see them in action.
  8. Julian the Philosopher

    Total War: Rome II

    I agree. I can't believe its still such a long wait though! Also, I really hope they have a good reason for dragging out the last two faction reveals.
  9. Julian the Philosopher

    Savior of the Empire?

    I can't believe I frogot Aurelian! One of my favorite Late Emperors, I'd definetly say he such a title. It would have been quite interesting to see what else he would have done had he a longer reign.
  10. Julian the Philosopher

    Savior of the Empire?

    Ave, I been for some time been thinking about who truely deserves the title of Savior of the Empire. Most people agree that both Constantine and Diocletian deserve the title, and I agree. However, recently I've been pondering, who deserves it more? Both saved the Empire in their own way, but if you to name one Savior of the Empire who would it be? In your opinion, who truely saved the Empire? I've been debating this myself for some time, so now I'm interested in getting other people's opinion. I personally lean more towards Diocletian, but both have their high points and their flaws.
  11. Julian the Philosopher

    Total War: Rome II

    Ahh i can't wait!! I've been following it since it was announced; I'm betting on the next faction to be announced will either be Parthia or Egypt.
  12. Julian the Philosopher

    Sarmatian Auxiliaries in Britannia

    Ah thank you all who posted, I had been wondering about this for sometime.
  13. Julian the Philosopher

    Sarmatian Auxiliaries in Britannia

    Ah thank you, I forgot about the expedition against the lazyges. That makes sense; I was sure it was part of a treaty obligation, but I wasn't sure what treaty.
  14. Salve, I have a question about the Sarmatian Auxiliary detachments that served in Britannia. If I remember correctly they were sent there under Hadrian's reign and guarded Hadrian's Wall, I've been wondering why these Sarmartians were serving under Hadrian. I mean, where they part of a treaty obligation or where they mercenaries? I'm just curious if anyone here has an answer. This is my first post here, I've been reading through the wealth of information that this great site has to offer for the past few months and glad I found this place.