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    Why was Caesar a great general?

    Why do you hate Caesar? Here are some other reasons why Caesar is one of the best Generals of all time: Great foresight--the ability to see a problem and it solve it with a solution good for short and long term Inspires his soldiers (by fighting right along side them & his great speeches) Genius in not only warfare but also politics & writing He did everything Fast, fast, fast
  2. OdiEtAmo

    Why was Caesar a great general?

    An example of Caesar's mastery of strategic retreat is at the river Rhone when he would not allow the Helvetii to cross into Gallic territory trying to migrate from their home in Switzerland...he followed them, but ran out of grain and could not pursue them any longer...
  3. OdiEtAmo

    Why was Caesar a great general?

    There are several reasons why Caesar was a great general, but what were the most significant reasons? -First to master the use of artillery as an offensive weapon... -Master of strategic retreat... -Ability to inspire his soldiers... What else? What battles illustrate his greatness as a general and why? I am very interested in everything that has to do w/ Caesar and why he is one of the greatest generals of all time and would like to discuss this with others who are interested...