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    I was in Oslo during some days lately. I was glad because it was not a business trip and I had a lot of time to see museums and the city and simply work around the centre of Oslo. The weather was not good though and all pictures look misty. I was wondered that Oslo is the city of sculptures, I like this genre of art and they took my attention as always, lol. I forgot about fiords and nature for that moment and spent my time on Oslo streets and in the park of sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. I saw a lot of funny sculptures everywhere though. Oh, ok, I simply was impressed by them.
    I saw famous Akershus Castle from window of my hotel
  2. Lacertus
    I have so many pictures, it's very long way to put them here.
    my photoalbums
    Venice and Milan (more then 100 pictures)
    And I hope this link will work
  3. Lacertus
    I would like to show the difference only between Moscow and the provinces. I guess it may be in others countries too, but I didn't notice it anywhere else. I was sad something when observed those views, when old churches are ruined with time.
  4. Lacertus
    It was my shot trip on one of weekends!
    Pereyaslavl' is one of the oldest Russian towns (1152 year AD). It's small town includes into famous Russian Golden Ring (a few old great towns around Moscow). I was in this town lately and took some pictures. This town was founded at the same time as Moscow and was founded by Yury Dolgoruky (as Moscow). I think sometimes that this guy traveled there and back and around and drank with other local guys. I guess he was enjoy it and probably shouted "Your village will be the greatest city soon!" lol. And he established a lot of towns in such a way. You can see the sculpture of this guy in my album here. I was wondered always what it's mean really "to establish the town". Probably simply to note any settlement and say "this is the new town". Well, the history says Pereyaslavl' was founded in 1152 year, but archaeological finds shows the settlement already existed in 8 AD on this place.
    This town is interested by church of Alexandr Nevsky too. I don't know what you know about him, but he was very famous person in Russia. He beat many enemies (Swedish and Lithuanian crusaders and Mongols too in first part 13 AD). He lived in Pereyaslavl (it was his land) as a simple fisher and caught fish in great Plescheevo lake in spite of the fact that he was a duke. One day ambassadors from Great Novgorod came to him and asked to defend Russian lands from crusaders, to stay in the head of army and Alexandr agreed. He drown Swedish crusaders in Chudskoy lake (very deep lake, lol). He forced them to fight on the lake's ice and ice broke from crusader's weight. Well, This church (with green domes) calls Alexandr Nevsky church. Interestingly that he was added to list of Orthodox Saints.
    Well, I'm sure that you know about Peter I (The Great). When he was young (about 16 years old) and dream about Russian navy (Russia hadn't navy, lol) he came to Plescheevo lake to build his "amusing fleet" and learned to build war ships (he invited a lot of shipbuilders from different countries) and organized war battles on this lake. One ship is saved now in museum.
    And monasteries! A lot of wonderful monasteries are in this town.
  5. Lacertus
    My New Year began with new job. It was so suddenly for me and I still don't know is my job good or bad for me.
    Yes, I think maybe it's good because I can work and study at the same time and I'll have even a bit more time for study. On the other hand my new job is so far from my plans for future and may be like occasional employment only.
    Well, I'll see all world but very briefly and mostly it'll a bird's-eye view. lol
    I'll see Istanbul tomorrow.
    Hi, Byzantium!
  6. Lacertus
    I put some pictures to my album "Moscow" and it's a little comment to this sight.
    St. Sergius's monastery developed for the villages and settlements surrounding what is now known as Trinity-St. Sergius Laura. In the 14th century the citizens were painters, wood carvers, and toy makers. The toy factory, as well as the tradition of craftsmen, survives today. Trinity-St. Sergius Laura is one of the most revered Russian monasteries. It is the historic center of the Russian Orthodox religion.
    Sergius was instrumental in bringing peace and unity to much of Russia. He worked with feuding princes and citizens to unify a greater Russia. It is ironic that his lifelong intention was to abandon the world for the sake of inner self-discipline and he ended up spending most of his time in peace making ventures. During Sergius
  7. Lacertus
    Once all human feelings met in a forest. When Boredom yawned again, Madness offered: "Let's play hide-and-seek?!" Intrigue raised eyebrowes: "Hide-and seek? What is the game???" And the Madness explained, that one of them, (for example, me, Madness), closes the eyes and counts up to one million while the others are hidden. Who will be found last is lost. Enthusiasm began to dance with Euphoria, Pleasure jumped so gaily, that could persuade Doubt. Only Apathy refused to participate in the game because she always interested nothing. Truth preferred to not hide, because she will be found in any case, Pride said that it is absolutely foolish game, Cowardice would not like to risk.
    Time, two, three ...-Madness began to count.
    Laziness hided first, it was covered for the nearest stone on the road, True went up on heavens, Envy hided in a Triumph's shadow who climed up on the top of a high tree. Nobleness could not find a place for himself during long time because each place seemed ideal for his friends - crystal-clear lake was for Beauty; a shollow in the tree was for Fear; a wing of the butterfly was for Voluptuousness; a wind's breathe was for Freedom.. So, Nobleness hided in the sun beam. Egoism found only for himself a warm and comfortable place. Lie hided on depth of the ocean (and actually, she was on rainbow). Passion and Desire were hided in the crater of a volcano. Oblivion, couldn't remember where she hided... But it's not so important.
    When Madness counted up to 999999, Love still looked for, where she may hide herself, but all places were already taken. But suddenly she saw a marvellous rose-bush and decided to hide among its flowers.
    -million!, -Madness said and began to seek.
    Laziness was found up first of course. Then Madness heard how True disputes with God... Then Passion and Desire were founded up because the volcano began to shake and was ready to blow up... then Madness saw Envy and guessed where is Triumph. Madness didn't look even where is Egoism who was hidden into beehive, bees drove out him. Madness want to the lake and found up Beauty . Doubt sat at a fence and couldn't decide what the side is better for shelter.
    So everyone have been found - Talent was in a juicy fresh grass, Sorrow was in a dark cave,
    Lie was on rainbow (or maybe at the bottom of ocean; sly Lie) but only Love wasn't found yet.
    Madness looked for behind each tree, in each brook, at the top of each mountain and, at last, he decided to look in rose-bushes, He moved branches and heard a shout. Thorn's sharps hurted Love's eyes.
    Madness did not know what do now, he began to apologize, cry, ask... And he promised to Love to become her eternal guide for expiation of his fault. This is the reason why Love is blind and Madness lead her by the hand... since the feelings played hide-and-seek on the Earth first time.
    Sorry for mistakes
  8. Lacertus
    I shot a look on UNRV board index now and chance upon the words Welcome To The Graveyard.
    I'm not English-speaking but I felt a chill. LOL
    Let send any thread to Graveyard really! I don't like to see this Welcome...
    Danke sehr, Viggen!