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    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Eljuti Asnadr Anves That's mine. Thanks Julius22
  2. Julius22

    The Wives of Tiberius

    Thanks very much to you both - that sort of explains it. I'm bound to have more questions - glad I found this forum! Julius22
  3. Julius22

    The Wives of Tiberius

    Hopefully, someone can help out with this query. I have been reading lots of "histories" of the Emperors on the internest, whilst reading Robert Groves' "I, Claudius" and "Claudius the God". It appears that Tiberius had just the two wives: Vipsiana, this whom he had his son Drusus and then Livia. Then when I read up about Pontius Pilate, I read that his wife Claudia Procula was the "grand-daughter of Emperor Augustus and the illigitimate daughter of the third wife of Emperor Tiberius" Please can someone explain thit to me as he didn't have a third wife - or did he? Or was this all fiction? Thanks very much. Confused Julius22