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  1. Morgan

    Map Of Caesar's 52 Gallic Campaign

    This is perfect! Thanks primuspilus.
  2. Does anyone out there have a good map of the movements of both Caesar and Vercingetorix in the campaign to put down the 52 B.C. Gallic revolt? I have been seaching hard, and just cannot find anything that would give me a good idea of where these armies were marching to and from. You would think that there would be dozens of maps of this kind out there, considering the number of analytic sources on Caesar's Gallic Wars, but I can't seem to find them. Any help would be great!
  3. Morgan

    Celtic/roman Culture

    A great book about the Celtic culture is called "The Celts: A History", by Peter Berresford Ellis. It is well-written and easier to read than many of the historical texts out there in this genre. I highly recommend it.