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  1. Omega

    Gladiatores Font

    What do you mean by context? Are you saying that only sentences made sense? If so, how did anyone right there own name in Latin? In general how would I be able to change just words into Latin? Surely it's possible as in every language single words mean things.
  2. Omega

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Ok I'll partake and let you tell me my secret roman name. My real name I'll give to you without scrambling, it's many places on the net I'm sure. Patrick Michael McClain
  3. Omega

    Gladiatores Font

    Or do I just not use W altogether? Oh, and I don't need the latin translation for sentences, just single words. Like Economy for example or Books , single words is all I need it for. Will the system give me accurate results or should I just ask someone here that speaks latin or knows it? Because there are only like 10 words I need translated.
  4. Omega

    Gladiatores Font

    Thank you three for your posts. I greatly appreciate it. Not all people are as helpful, so mucho gracias. I did check out Castellar, upon your suggestion, I didn't find it before. I don't really think that font has what I'm looking for, as I really want it to visually look like the writing on the roman buildings in Gladiator. I'm not a fanboy I just love everything about the movie, I have the 3 disc special edition and I have watched everything and looked at every picture. It's just an interesting time period and subject. I'm also going to be designing a roman themed skin for my religious website. Since...Jesus Christ was crucified under the Roman rule, so it's a time period thing for me. Anyways, back on topic...lol I think Justinian is nice, but I personally think Lithograph is the best, if not exact. After deep research last night I found a free copy, not torrents either, I don't do that. I'm surprised but it was only like one version of the 4 you normally get, I think it's Lithograph Light, regardless that one I think is the font. Now my main issue is I can use a Latin Translator to put things into latin words, my only problem is I don't know what Latin Alphabet they used during that time and what letter is what letter? If anyone can aid me on Latin Alphabet at this point I'd appreciate it. Some nice roman fonts and such can be found here, like 5 pages of them: http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=204&page=2
  5. Omega

    Who all has a degree?

    I don't. I took a year of college, got to Advanced Composition while trying to get an accounting degree, and failed it just like I did in high school. I hate english. Nonetheless, I will eventually go through the pain of getting my degree, probably gonna pay someone to do the English stuff. I have no time for it. Oh I work in Sales though and make very good money, so I have no need for a degree, except insurance.
  6. Omega

    Gladiatores Font

    Hello, I have been browsing this morning and late last night for a Roman "themed" font that looks like it is carved in stone. Similar to what is shown on the buildings of the movie Gladiator. Where it says LVDVS FAMILIA GLADIATORES I have found a few good links, but I can't seem to find the right one. If anyone knows what even the title of it is...that would help in research. As I can't tell from that movie as to which font they were using on the buildings, the Latin Alphabet? Or true Romanic lettering or font? If someone knows the exact font, please let me know. Omega