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  1. Winterhaze13

    Roman Emperors

    Just for some of you to consider. I saw a program on the Discover channel that suggests that Octavian murdered Cleopatra, instead of the widely held belief that she killed herself. She had had a son with Julius Caesar and Octavian felt that Cleopatra and her son would prevet him from becoming emperor. What do you guys thing? Is it possible?
  2. Winterhaze13

    Why Did Rome Collapse?

    It looked as if the cost of defending such a vast empire became too much for Rome. Early on it looked as if they would be able to defeat any Germanic tribe in battle, but later on they became more capable militarily and Rome could not defeat all of them.
  3. Winterhaze13

    Roman Emperors

    I voted for Augustus because many historians claim that Roman power was at its zenith under his leadership. Also, other historians argue that the decline of Rome began with his death. But for those two reasons I vote for Octavian.
  4. Winterhaze13

    Why Did Rome Collapse?

    In this forum I would very much want to discuss the topic that Historians have been debating over for years, The Fall of Rome? It is without a doubt the most debatiable subject in history.
  5. Winterhaze13

    Roman Emperors

    In this thread I hope to discuss the greatest Roman Emperors. You should take into account their foriegn and domestic successes. Also, please note that I will not include Julius Caesar because he was never truly an emperor and this thread will not include Emperors from the Byzantine period.