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  1. Yep, simple as that, that are you guys' career? I'm a college student majoring history. I love European history. After my Bachelor's degree, I'm not sure what I would do. I definitely don't want to teach. I'm thinking about working at museum or library as a curator. Or archaeologist, but that might involve a lot of moving around, hmmm. Do you know what kind of job can "military historian" can have? I'm also interested in literature, so I think scenario writer for games or movies can also be a possibility. I'm asking it in here since this site is full of history people, like me, haha. Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't know if I'm posting this at right forum, if any of you have problem with this, just let me know, I'll delete it. So yes, what are some monstrous figures in Roman mythology? I know Greek mythology has lots, but I never heard of any from Roman mythology. Can anybody share some knowledge?
  3. Had ANY women joined the army in history of Roman military? I know *normal* women hadn't, but how about exceptionally strong and/or brave ones, or women with special skills so they can work as immunes? Actually, I heard some Germanic tribes(I forgot the names, sorry) frequently deployed women as supporting units during mid/late Republic times. So, anybody know any women that served in army?
  4. I know that it really depends on who the prisoner is, what faction/army he or she(rarely, haha) belongs to, you know. But let's say the prisoner is a Gaul soldier in somewhat high rank(like centurion), how would Roman military treat this guy? Be merciless, or actually be kinda respectful?
  5. A lot of you guys should know that there were only 80 men in one century, not 100. If so, then why are captains of century called centurion?
  6. VeniVidiVici

    History of signature

    I heard that Romans in Caesar's time used signature. But signatured was more commonly used in 17th centuries. So if Romans didn't use signatures, then what kind of 'thing' did they use to prove their identity? I know Asian nations duing those time used seal. Thank you in advance
  7. VeniVidiVici

    A Poll on the Best Roman Generals

    Gaius Marius
  8. VeniVidiVici

    what part of the army would you be in?

    hastati for sure i mean, i'm 18
  9. Many of current Italian names are definitely from Rome. But I'm sure there aren't any Latin names like Rossi, Cristina, Gerino, etc. Is it because more Italian names were influenced by German, English culture rather than Latin ones?
  10. VeniVidiVici

    Battlefield Command

    Very nice. There were auxilaries, just non-Roman I really like your thoughts though
  11. I've been researching the how legionaries' formations worked right after Marian Reforms, but before Caesar's prime. So about 1st century BC. As many of you guys know, there aren't Hastati, Principes, Triarii. All legionary are same with same gears and stuff during that time. What I want to know is, how did they fight in battle? Did they kept rotate cohorts just like old three line formation even though there weren't distinctions between legionaries? Or did they just let first line of cohort fight to death and then second cohort came in after first cohort was nearly annihilated?(which isnt most likely) I looked up everywhere, but I couldn't find the clear answer about how legionaries fought in formations after reform. Hopefully I can fine some good answer here. Thanks.
  12. were there hastati, principes, and triarii as a main heavy infantry unit in imperial time just like republic? from wat i kno, there werent hastati,principes, and triarii. but there were just plain 'roman legions', no specific division is tat true or were there three lines in imperial time too? oh and Lorica segmentata was in imperial time only, eh? in republic legionaries wore just breastplate and chain mail, right?