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    Spectacle in the Roman World

    I have the two earlier books by Dodge and would love to have this one.
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    Does the Curia Pompeia survive?

    This is an entry from Richardson, L., Jr.,_A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome_(Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992), 104: "_Curia Pompeii_: a meeting place for the senate, an annex of the Porticus Pompeii(q.v.), where Julius Caesar was assassinated (Cicero,_Div._2.23; Plutarch,_Caes._66.1-2,_Brut._14.1-2). Augustus later removed the statue of Pompey that stood in the curia, and the curia was walled up (Suetonius,_Iul._88,_Aug._31.5); later it was converted into a latrine (Cass. Dio 47.19.1). It seems likely that the enormous base of blocks of tufa on a platform of concrete behind Temple B in the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina (q.v.) is part of the fill that destroyed the curia and the latrine south of this the one meant by Dio. G. Marchetti Longhi,_L'area sacra del Largo Argentina_(Rome, 1960), 76-8: Nash[,_Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome_, 2nd ed. (London, 1968)], 1.148." The Porticus Pompeii mentioned above was itself the annex of the Theatrum Pompeii, the first stone theater to be erected in Rome (dedicated in 55 B.C.; previously, because of religious considerations, all theaters had been temporary structures, built of wood). See also Coarelli, Filippo, "Curia Pompei, Pompeiana," in E. V. Steinby, ed.,_Lexicon Topographicum Urbis Romae_(Rome: Edizioni Quasar, 1993-2000), 1.334-5. Minimus Maximus