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    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Thank you for your message My scrambled name is WOLCAMAEDJADPNRHE
  2. Joelius Chapmanicus

    Achaean War

    I am currently reading about the Roman dominance over the various Greek City states following the end of the Third Macedonian war and the defeat of Antiochus III of the Seleucid empire. I am unsure why in 146 BC the Achaean league chose to rebel against Rome. I am aware of the action Rome took with the destruction of Corinth under the leadership of Lucius Mummius, but i am slightly baffled as to why they rebelled. There is a suggestion in some of the source material i have read that mercantile factions within the senate wanted the destruction of Corinth to prevent competition for key trade routes, perhaps Rome 'forced' them to revolt. I would be grateful for your thoughts and any details or facts you may have uncovered.