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    Well,sorry I don't know how to describe myself here,as I still can not handle with English very well!I find this is a great website,I learn a lot,to me,it's a window to see what the western opinions are on history!
  1. My teacher suggests me to change my topic into the Monarchy ideology,so is it still the same concept,or 2 different things?
  2. Well,I am sure the topic about Propaganda in the Roman Empire,was fully explored in the western country!But I hardly find any materials who did some research or comments on it in China PRC,so I am trying to look for some help here!I don't think I can dig out some new ideas according to my level,maybe just explain how the goverment and emperors manipulated the propaganda,and how it effected!But as my first question,what exactly does the propadana mean?
  3. At first,I want to thank all the people who concerned about my pid,thanks a lot for ur suggestions and ideas!Concerned about the Propaganda in the Roman Empire,most are directed to discuss the time of Augusta,seems he manipulated the methods of propaganda unttermostly,so if I just write a specific one,I should focus on his stage?And I really appreciate anyone who can give me a link to any reference books and essays,as I can not find much in local library!
  4. That's where I find it's so hard to write about this topic!Should I just concetrate on a specific period of time in the Roman Empire?Or better to write like a summary,look far and wide through the entire empire time?
  5. I am beginning to write a thesis about the Propaganda in the Roman Empire,but it seems to be a huge topic,so anyone would like to share their opinions,viewpoints or thoughts with me how and what to write about this thesis?I also very appreciate u can recommend some good articles and books!