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  1. Brennos

    What germanic tribe do you like best?

    Gotta go with the Cimbri & Teutons. Nice combination of Celto-Germanic stock in their hordes. I have a preferance for the European world circa B.C.E, more so than C.E.
  2. Brennos

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    TddoJosehpFkasnr - Male
  3. Brennos

    Celtic Swords.

    I believe the Celtic long sword would have been more suitable & effective as a cavalry sword. The long range with the wieghted tips would have been perfect for slashing down on a foe from a lofty position. I also do not believe that all Celtic swords were of poor quality as Polybius describes. I think the design & quality depended alot on what was going on at the time. For example, we know that as a whole the Gauls were not very organized and at times were raiders. Perhaps the poor quality swords were produced at a time when swords had to be produced very quickly for a large number of warriors. With the lack of organization, it would be very hard for a tribal society to produce such high quality weapons on a consistent basis. However, archaeological evidence does support that some of their weapons were quite nice. In many ways, the Celtic smith was superior to his Roman counterpart, and when Gauls were brought into the empire, many of them still served as Smiths. The Celts were very innovative when it came to weapons & armor of warfare. If they were so crappy, than the Romans wouldn't have adopted such items as the Gallic helm for example. It was just an issue of organization and the lack of ability to churn out top notch weapons on a regular basis like the Romans could.