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    Where Is Every One From?

    I'm from the United Kingdom, specifically I'm from County Down in Northern Ireland.
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    Most Influential Historical Leader

    A lot of people here seem to get caught up on the idea that as past events effect current ones, if people in the past hadn't done what they'd done then people later would never have had the opportunity to do what they did. While that is a fair point, I do think this is a somewhat pedantic and unimaginative approach to take to the idea. I personally use 2 categories to resolve this kind of issue 1. I look for a fulcrum individual, someone who very clearly marks a radical alteration in the way history is progressing. 2. Uniqueness, a somewhat harder to substantiate idea, not that the 1st is easy. In this I try and evaluate how likely it is that other people would have done what the individual in question would have done, or something similar to what they did if the individual in question never existed. Whilst saying all that, I still have to pick two people, one from the ancient world and one from the modern. I do this because the person from the ancient world has less overt impact on the modern world but set the direction in ancient times that helped us come in this direction. While the modern leader has had a greater impact on modern times and has shaped the world we live in a very direct and a slightly more easily quantifiable manner. My candidate from the ancient world is Julius Caesar and from the modern world Adolph Hitler. I picked Julius Caesar both for what he did in his life and for what followed after his assassination. The split of the Roman world between Anthony and Octavian was directly attributable to Caesar and the system Octavian created was the kind of system that Caesar had laid out. Octavian differed more in his approach than his objectives to Caesar but his actions are directly attributable to Caesars
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    Your Hidden Roman Name

    ulviedandakpe Male.