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  1. DANG IT! I have been living in Hillsboro for 10 years and I just moved a month ago. That sucks. What school did you go to? There was a year I lived in Ashland too for a while. Now I live in Los Angeles I should be back in Hillsboro each summer and winter.
  2. Happy Birthday, Adrian.

  3. Happy birthday, Adrian.

  4. I'm currently living all over Oregon and parts of California. My sister currently lives in Ashland for school and I am spending time with her. She's running around here somewhere. (This site and the dorm) I did not go to public schools and now that I am out, I have no where specific to go.
  5. I was just browsing through, getting to know members pretty well and you have a lot of the same interests as I. I just wanted to say salve and that I'd love to talk to you as the time goes on.

    Have a wonderful day.