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    India-polis, India, USA(provinced 1776)
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    Too many to list. Greco-Roman history of late, computers and all of their intricacies, music and the recording thereof, guitar and keyboards, gardening, camping, hiking, boating(way too exorbitant for my meager income, sold my boat after one season), wine, drugs(re; boating)lol.<br /><br />I would like to travel to the roman ruins in the future. If my interest remains peaked. Time will tell.
  1. Titus Vulcanius

    Evolution or Adam and Eve?

    Evolution is a theory. Though close to fact as science allows, it's still just a theory. I find it difficult that life has no purpose and that everything around me is just for my temporary amusement. I believe that there is a divine hand but that's as far as I care to take it. It's all to complex in it multiplicities of elements for nature to throw together. Ponder the universe and it's infinity and atomic structure in it's infinitesimal smallness, that seems too go on forever in each direction. Intelligent design? Why not. It's just as insane as nothing at all. One thing is for sure, we'll know in the end, or maybe not. LOL! TItus
  2. Titus Vulcanius

    Which Roman Films/TV series would you Recommend?

    HBO "Rome" Hand down the best work as of late. The "A" story was very emotional with Pullo and Vorenus. I found it hard to fight back tears. The "B" story with everyone else just helped to carry the rest of the show. John Stamp did a great job explaining all the details of roman life. It really should be applauded. ********* out of 10 Titus
  3. Titus Vulcanius

    The Last Legion (movie)

    Not bad. I liked how they weaved the King Authur legend in with the rest of the story. Unlikely but interesting. McKidd is a bad ass, he's so kind in the TV show the Journeyman(difference of night&day). ***** out of 10 Titus
  4. Titus Vulcanius

    Augustus DVD

    Don't bother! It's the same old HollyRome-Shakspear romanced version of ancient Rome. I don't believe it was historically accurate, though maybe parts. I felt the acting of O'Toole was pained and I felt sorry for him. He was much better in Troy. 1/2 * out 10 Titus
  5. Titus Vulcanius

    What movies have you seen recently?

    salve, I just watched "The Kingdom". An excellent movie. I've seen many others but it's the only one that would post about. ***** Titus