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    Im a registered nurse, but my boyfriend got me very interested in Roman History. This last year I've read several books on it, we've read some Suetonius together and now I am hoping to learn more through this forum.<br /><br />I also like Tudor/Elizabethan History, reading and children. :)
  1. Camilla Optima

    Name Your Own Roman Epic

    I think a movie about Lepidus would be kinda fun. A movie that showed what kind of man he would have to be to be part of such a huge political alliance and have so little say in what happened.
  2. Camilla Optima

    "I, Claudius"

    I watched I claudius for the first time last year (in 2 days when i was home sick hehe), and I think it was a wonderful series! I think the charachters are well written, with the exeption of the Augustus character. I think he comes across as way too much of a social butterfly, and he does not strike me as so intelligent. I think the real Augustus was quieter and more cold/calculating, as well as incredibly intelligent. I think that the young Octavian in HBO's Rome gives a good picture of what I think he would have been like as a kid. I dont think the new Octavian is quite as good, but Im getting used to him I guess. Camilla Optima
  3. Camilla Optima

    What's the last book you read?

    The latest books I've read are Conn Igguldens Gates of Rome and Death of Kings. While it is a fun read as far as daily roman life goes, I am discovering SO many complete lies in his books. And I am far from an expert. Here are some of the "historical facts" of these books: Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus are best friends, the same age and grew up in the same household. Servilia is a prostitute. Octavian is a pick pocket living in pverty in Rome with his mom Atia. Cato is very corrupt. Caesar kills Mithridates. I always check facts with my boyfriend who knows more about Roman history than me, and he continues to be shocked at how this man "rapes roman history". My major problem is that so many interesting things happened in real history, so there shouldn't be any need to make up facts. Anyone read any of these books? One better piece of historical fiction I've read is Alfred Duggan's Three is Company about Lepidus. I rather liked that one. ~ Camilla
  4. Camilla Optima

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    mlcaialjhretlohmsenjne female
  5. Hello! I'm a nurse, who is very interested in roman history. I have no formal education on it, though I've had read books, and had many discussions about this with my boyfriend (BA in ancient history). So far the site seems intimidating, since I feel i know less than most here, but I will try to participate and have some fun and hopefully learn lots.