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  1. Colin

    Another Roman Recipe To Delight All

    Wow, to think they'd claim they'd been serving rat! Here's a Roman recipe for stuffed dormouse. GLIRES Lean pork Dormouse meat trimmings Ground black pepper Mixed nuts Several leaves of lacer (rocket/arugula may substitute) A soupcon (trace) of liquamen/garum Pound the mixture until it makes a rough paste suitable for forcing into your dormouse. Put the animal once stuffed in an earthen casserole dish. Boil in a pot with stock. Alternatively you can roast in the oven. (Take care not to let the ears burn!) Gerbil or hamster may work, too, it says.. is there something wrong with guinea pig, though? You can't stuff much into a hamster.
  2. Colin

    What's the last book you read?

    (Disclosure: I'm the boyfriend.) Man, I remember your telling me about a young Caesar saddling up with Brutus to go after Mithridates, and somehow I just knew it, and you confirmed.. yep, they killed him. In two nights of guerilla attacks. With blowguns. Ok, I made up the blowguns part, but why not? He made up the rest! I regret using the word "rape", but I feel bad for that friend of yours whose only source of Roman history was this series. I agree with a later poster: choosing figures about whom so much is known is the misstep. If you want to interpret, be lazy, sloppy, or just plain make s--- up, best to pick some back-bencher, not someone from history's front row. What Duggan did in writing about the second Triumvirate was to pick the dull one no one cared about and make him the star. I remember reading a murder mystery set in the Flavian period when I was in high school, "The Silver Pigs". We should look for that series, since we could use some more context for that period.
  3. Colin

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Howdy. Here's mine: bceeilnnorrrtttu And I'm male. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, my girlfriend and I were looking around for a Roman history forum to join together, since it's something we already discuss daily. I wish I had a better memory for it -- I remember the interesting parts, but soon forget where I read what. I've been to a dig in Israel, and we really look forward to taking our first trip to Rome later this year or next year.