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    My greatest dream is to become an author. I'm working on a story that's set in AD 55-60. It's about the three grown-up children in a wealthy Roman family. They all have their own problems and things and they all hear the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.
    I'm still working on it and I found out that I needed to do a lot more research. I was overwhelmed when I discovered this great forum!
  1. Denia

    The tablinum

    Great pictures, Nephele! I had not found out yet that UNRV had a Gallery. It always makes things more clear to me when I can see them. And I know UNRV.com gives a lot of information That's why I became a member. Denia
  2. Denia

    The tablinum

    http://www.roman-empire.net/society/soc-house.html [/i] Thank you! www.roman-empire.net gives a lot of information! Do you also know where I can find pictures of a furnished replica of (the rooms in) a house?
  3. Denia

    The tablinum

    I recently read in different books about Roman houses, but I can't seem to find out what the exact function of the tablinum was. And which furniture was inside (a table, a desk)? Last question: how did you get from the atrium into the perystilium. Someone told me this was only possible through the tablinum, but on most pictures I see a kind of corridor at one side of the tablinum.
  4. Denia

    What's in a name

    I'm convinced now that Marius is not a good cognomen. But I like the alternative Marsicus. Thanks Nephele About Gaius and Metella: I don
  5. Denia

    What's in a name

    After searching on Google I found the emperor Marcus Aurelius Marius (268). It seems to me that
  6. Denia

    What's in a name

    Yes, I know. I'm really worried about that 40%. My biggest problem is that I had started writing before I did enough research after names. It's difficult to change names when you feel like you know your character. But I know I just have to... The problem is I don't know where to find a lot of correct names, especially cognomina. The list on Wikipedia didn't work But I'm very pleased with the help you all offer. Actually when I started the story a few years ago, I remembered Aida was Egyptian, but everyone knew that name from the opera. So I changed it into Aisha... Only the 'sh' is different Well, I'll try to find another name. Maybe I could use the name of a less important character from Aida.
  7. Denia

    What's in a name

    First of all, I
  8. Denia

    What's in a name

    Thanks very much, Nephele, for your early reply ! But I can see I still have a lot to change. Allright, this will mean I have to change the whole story and create two living sisters or I have to give Tertia a completely different name
  9. Denia

    What's in a name

    In the past few weeks I changed most of the names in my novel (after discussing some of them on this forum). I would be very glad if some of you would take a look at the list of characters below (or a part of it) and tell me if I
  10. Denia

    Spread the gospel

    Thanks, the idea of sending a slave is very good! I might set the story during the Flavian dynasty as you and Ursus suggested. The only reason to set it earlier was the prosecution by Nero.
  11. Denia

    What Name You Were Referred to in the Legion

    You now discussed which name the Centurion would use, but how about the soldiers of one contubernium? Did they use eachothers praenomina or cognomina?
  12. Denia

    Spread the gospel

    Sounds interesting! I will try this novels too (hope I can find them here in Holland, somewhere) She didn't. She hears another man who wants to convert the whole world to christianity. He didn't really excist. Anyway, only the apostles did try to reach te world then? The rest of the church just quietly supported them. You're right, Kosmo, I forgot that. So she has no opportunity to help the poor, even if she would want to.
  13. You are right, but the bad news is that he gets injured very badly and paralized soldiers are of no use... So the end of his service is a little earlier. I was wondering what Rome did for those men. No social security, I guess. Lucius father is plebeian and he's an aedilis, so yes, politics. But I don't want Lucius to be a politician. Politics are too boring OK, that's more freedom than I thought. I remember reading somewhere (but not exactly where) that a Roman son had to ask permission to his father for almost everything. And that's really destroying for a good story. So I'm very glad to hear this!
  14. Denia

    The hobbies of a Roman girl

    All right, I will have to keep that in mind. And I understand I just had a very wrong view on weaving and spinning. I thought of it as hard work. But now my character is going to weave (whether she likes it or not ).
  15. Denia

    Spread the gospel

    Hmm, seems these weren