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    Favourite Funny Moments

    Well, the Roman word for sheath was vagina. So I remember reading that two men were gossiping about some affair a soldier had and he said something to this affect. "I am sure he thrust his gladius into her sheath." Thought it was some dirty humor.
  2. Falconius

    Sons of Senators

    What class was a son of a senator? Equestrian or Senatorial? What if the son was born before his father became a senator or after he retired?
  3. Falconius

    What Is Your Favorite Period...

    Since I am fascinated with all periods of Rome, anything suites me. I am partial to these periods in this order. 1. From Vespasian to Marcus Aurelius, especially Trajan. Trajan is my favorite Emperor. 2. Late Republic, 100 BC to 1 BC 3. Punic Wars, All of them 4. Constantine I, mostly because I'm Christian.
  4. Okay, how long would it take Trajan and his army to return to Rome in triumph from Dacia? What route would they take? Also how did he get to Parthia? By ship? And for how long.
  5. Welcome to UNRV, Falconius!

  6. Falconius

    what part of the army would you be in?

    Equestrian Tribune during Trajan's reign. 1. Prefect of Cohort 2. Tribune 3. Prefect of Alae 4. Procurator of a section in Rome 5. Praetorian Prefect 6. Retire and live in a nice villa as a running an olive oil business. Maybe a senator too, though running my business secretly.
  7. Falconius

    Name Your Own Roman Epic

    Reign of Trajan, following an equestrian tribune as he rises from prefect of a cohort in the Dacian Wars to Praetorian Prefect by the Partian Campaign. Not to mention the 127 days of games and celebration in 107 and all the wonderful things Trajan did. Would be awesome and give the viewers a depiction of their "Lorica Segmentata" Roman army.
  8. Falconius

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Sure thing! Sorry about my long name. This: oeiehlpgniiallcss or this cgiienpseklil again, Male
  9. Falconius

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Hey, try this, kinda long. Male: leiacwolmnhsleplisiagili