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  1. Dogmatix

    Roman Sites

    For sure. So many roman coins still around that they're bound to turn up anywhere I guess. Probably dropped by some qld collector.
  2. Dogmatix

    Roman Sites

    Hi Germanicus, I heard that someone found some roman coinage in queensland -- weren't there theories about the romans landing in australia or some such thing?
  3. Dogmatix

    What Is Your Favorite Period...

    In my fine new clothes I mock your scruffy toga!
  4. I flicked accross the start of this thread after some random googlisms and saw the word "beer" and the promise of it's supply within these pages. Since this time, i've browsed and read and begun to learn something about Roman History, and perhaps about the culture. That is, the culture of Roman history buffs (alright, who said nerds? Out I say!.) But ultimately, no beer. I'm ok with this, though. As I write I have half a bottle of red keeping me company while I immerse in discussions about dead people and their (not so) forgotten deeds. To the matter at hand. No guarantees I'll be a fountain of new (or old.. er.. hmm) information, but rather, a hearty guarantee that I wont be. "But Dogmatix!" you cry (Some of you may have cried "Look out for that potato!" but I doubt it), "What do you bring to our little womb of words?" Interesting question I look forward to finding out.
  5. Dogmatix

    What If Juilus Caesar Never Was Alive

    What if Caesar had lived? An interesting question, and one I'm sure fuelled it's own heated debate amongst the conspiricy theorists of the time. I can just imagine "Caesar sitings" then as we "Elvis sitings" now. Liticus Minimus: "You know, I saw Caeser!" Junius Tobius (disbelievingly) : "You saw Caesar you say?" Liticus Minimus: "I say I saw Caeser, sir!" Junius Tobius: "Where did you sight Caeser then?" Liticus Minimus: "Herculaneum! Selling Seshells! I saw Caesar sell seashells by the sea shore" Junius Tobius: "Idiot"
  6. Dogmatix

    What Is Your Favorite Period...

    Personally - the period from Julius Caesar right up until tea time yesterday