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  1. Kristian D'Amato

    Roman taxation and economy

    There are some excellent books covering many aspects of the Roman economy, here's a good sample to get you started. The first two represent base economic studies: Money and Government in the Roman Empire by Richard Duncan-Jones Structure and Scale in the Roman Economy also by Richard Duncan-Jones The title alone should be a giveaway... it focuses heavily on money flow and the use of currency in the ancient world: Banking and Business in the Roman World by Jean Andreau Obviously this focuses on coinage, but it also provides an excellent introductory overview of the Roman economy. Coinage in the Roman Economy, 300 B.C. to A.D. 700 by Kenneth Harl. That's some helpful advice! Thanks
  2. Kristian D'Amato

    Roman taxation and economy

    I'm looking to model the Roman finance/economy mathematically, but not being a history student, have no idea where to look for resources. Are there any good books on the subject? The internet doesn't have much to say about taxes in ancient times, except a few percentages here and there. I would appreciate a more detailed study. This doesn't have to be 100% accurate - a theoretical model would suffice. Thanks in advance.
  3. Kristian D'Amato

    Ancient Fortifications

    Yes, found it yesterday. Thanks for that anyway.
  4. Kristian D'Amato

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Haha! Cool! Didn't need much changing there with the cognomen! The only thing I don't like is that I never made consul :|
  5. Kristian D'Amato

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Welcome to UNRV, Ioannes Ahenobarbus! (And I'm sure you've sprouted an outstanding ahenobarbus for yourself, there). The way this thing works, though, is that you provide me with a scramble of the letters of your own name, which I then blanagram into a Roman name for you. Your screen name is already a Roman name. -- Nephele Does it need to be a scramble? I got nothing to hide. It's Kristian D'Amato I think you gotta kill that apostrophe though! Nice game btw Edit: Oh, and I'm male. Edit2: And if you have to have it scrambled, use KraandatITsmio. No spaces or apostrophe.
  6. Kristian D'Amato

    Ancient Fortifications

    That is a great resource and many thanks for it! But I couldn't find fortification plans.. The strange thing is that the lines of ancient walls are usually known to some degree or other, so someone is bound to have written about them collectively.
  7. Kristian D'Amato

    Ancient Fortifications

    Perfectly what I need! Any idea what's it called? Or any related info. Thanks
  8. Kristian D'Amato

    Ancient Fortifications

    Hi all, first post here, and a request! I'm trying to create a collection of European city/town maps during the Roman era. Till now, I've only found a select few (obviously Rome and a couple here and there), and I'd like to have as many as possible, preferable during the mid-Republic phase but really anything would do, as long as we're talking Roman era. To be honest I'm mostly interested in the lines of ancient fortifications (city walls i.e.), as can be established through archaeology or ancient accounts, so I'm fine with city wall maps. Even hypothetical plans would do. I've already posted the same question in romanarmy.com and I've no idea which other forums I can try. If anyone can point me to a website or a book that contains collections of such plans/maps I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, in advance.