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  1. Gaius Julius Camillus

    The False Nero

    Salve Citizens, I must ask for assistance from the masses here at UNRV. Beforehand, I searched the archives for any relevant topics, but found nothing. My apologies to the staff if I missed a prior discussion. Forgive me. I am extremely interested in the men who claimed to be the Emperor Nero after his death. Terentius Maximus is one such claimant that I know of. Coupled with this, I read that St. Augustine even spoke of how many believed that Nero would return in his day. I find this fascinating that one man could have so many pretenders. What is the source of prophecy surrounding his return? If any? I ask for any source material, insight, anything at all that will help me to begin research on this topic. sincerely, G. Julius Camillus
  2. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Birthday Hails to JGolomb

    I am behind in the congratulations! Happy B-day!
  3. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Ara Pacis

    Have there been any researchers who do not believe this is the real Ara pacis? And if so, what are there reasons? Thanks in advance guys. GJC
  4. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Eatsyc nna Tsneo This is for a female my lady. Thanks in advance.
  5. Liono or Panthro. No seriously, probably I would choose something like Hostilius or Victorinus.
  6. Gaius Julius Camillus

    What's the last book you read?

    Just finished Under the Eagle by Scarrow. I do enjoy Macro and Cato! But I do agree that Eagle in the Snow is absolutely fascinating. I never tire of reading it. In fact I am going to find it today and get it.
  7. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Ancient Sources

    I have little to contribute to this conversation except to say that Mr. Thayer and I share a birthday!
  8. Gaius Julius Camillus

    The Road to Monotheism

    Ok, every once in a while I come from the shadows to make a post, and today is that day. (For those who forgot, I started the 'Was Jesus Caesar' threads.) As I have looked deeper into monotheism in Rome, I came across this passage, which I am embarassed to say is from wikipedia. This is, give or take, 15 or so Emperors before Constantine. My question is, were there any more instances of trying to introduce a single God after Aurelian, and was Rome inevitably on the path to a Monotheistic religion, whether that be Mithraism or Christianity. Thanks for your time as always guys. GJC
  9. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Greatest Roman Figure??

    Well spoken M. Silanus. I may amend my own vote after your post and a bit if research.
  10. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Where Is Every One From?

    If 100 degree heat, and tornado's are your thing then yes! All kidding aside, to be honest, now is a good time of the year to come. The really hot days of summer are pretty much over thankfully.
  11. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Why are you interested in Rome?

    My story is a bit odd, but it chronicles my movement from roman catholic to pagan, and lover of Rome. I was in confession, with a father, and I told him I had lied to my parents. I was maybe 11 at best. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was going to burn in hell. Now with hindsight, I know he was trying to frighten the hell out of me, but I was not like most children. I told him that he was not God. He could not know such things. He said he was a part of the Roman Catholic religion, the one and only true world religion the world has ever known. And that if I continued to be disrepectful, my soul was in danger. I stood up and left, never going to church again, vowing to look into his claim about the church's history. Well the road led to Rome.
  12. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Fungus turns ants into zombies

    Whats with all the zombie stuff? lol
  13. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Where Is Every One From?

    I am from Texas.
  14. Gaius Julius Camillus

    What's the last book you read?

    Just finished The Last Ember by Daniel Levin. A fun read about the fate of the jewish menorah and Titus' mistake.
  15. Gaius Julius Camillus

    Cult of Bacchus

    Pertaining to the 86 BC decree of the Senate