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    Scrubbidy dub dub

    Thanks, that makes more sense.
  2. SPQR

    Scrubbidy dub dub

    I was under the impression that Roman Health was very good for the time. For a culture that was so intrested in cleansiness and organization, I would expect their baths to be clean, or at least in someway filtered. Of course, I am sure this is versus Gauls and Britions, who I don't think were as concerned with cleansiness. Also, if people bathed every day, or even twice a day, consider all the shavings, within a few months you would be wading through shavings, not water. This would lead me to believe that those who created concrete and the Arch could filter bath houses at least in Rome. Of course, I may be overlooking something and be totally wrong.
  3. Wasn't the whole idea of Marius' Mules to eliminate the group of workers that followed other armies and slowed them down? I think marriage was prohibited for the same reason, though I am sure that every Legion still had nonfighting staff. I am saying this theory like Roman Glory and Honor: It was theoretically how a legion was supposed to act, not how it did.
  4. It is intresting to see how Roman Culture adapted to Christians and their needs. Funny how anti-Roman Christians always fail to mention the Christian Emperors.
  5. SPQR

    Name Your Own Roman Epic

    Now, I know that the first Gallic Siege of Rome is subject to much dispute, but if someone took the Livy version, Camillus in his grand charge at the end and all, it would make a great, if not historically accurate story. We need more public support for the early Republic.
  6. SPQR

    The Last Legion

    I saw it a few months ago. I believe it is great as a story, but the uniforms are too Hadrian and Tiberius an honorable brave, virtuous Roman?I know Suetonius is the People's Magazine of the day, but still, Tiberius doesn't sound like a nice Grandpa even through all the lies. I loved the story, though.
  7. SPQR

    Roman Lego Sets!

    Good one about Agrippa and Cicero. On the Rostra, would the Carthaginians or their Phonecian brothers have the copyright, or would Ancient War Plunder dictate Roman control on prow design? Also, the Romans would have creativity on arrangement, which would almost eliminate any Legal Phonecian connection. Just joking!
  8. Wow. And to think that the "Educated" Victorian era is thought to produce more accurate history than the "barbaric" Middle Ages in which countless (okay maybe not countless) manuscripts of Roman Literature was perserved. Another Stereotypre crushed.
  9. thank you for the correction. I guess I meant the closest to primary. Also, do you know of a definative list of known Roman literature?
  10. Thanks. That puts alot more sense into Livy.
  11. Okay, so what is the difference between Military Tribunes and the Tribunes that represented the Plebs? Is there even a difference?
  12. I am somewhat new to Roman History, and while I have many secondary sources, I have only a few primary ones. The secondary ones include almost nothing except what another one has. Then most internet sites seem to parrot even less. Does anyone know another primary source for the Gallic Siege? By the way, this isn't just for me. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one intrested in the First Gallic Siege.
  13. SPQR

    Greatest Roman Figure??

    I have also read what Plutarch and Suetonius had to say about him, and most of the events are a least very well reasearched, but I guess that even with well reasearched books, like "My Brother Sam is Dead", bias still plays a major part. By the way, that Quote was from the book, I doubt Cicero said it, I just like it from the book.
  14. SPQR

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Okay, I'm new. So mine was "Cosknaj Dadoln Rerpy" if it is in full scramble.
  15. SPQR

    Greatest Roman Figure??

    I think Ceaser was like Paul Revere. He was one more guy who would normaly get only a side caption in Children History Books, but someone liked his legend and got famous for it. Most people I talk to think Romans were Greeks or get them mixed up, and that Ceaser was Rome's first and Greatest Emperor. It is not that he was the best, it is that popular culture loves him the the most. Anyone read Imperium? Firmly convinced me Cicero was the best. Favorite Quote: "If it is gratitude you want, get a dog."