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  1. Viking

    Gallic Tribes during Caesars war

    Here are the ones as outlined by the Penguin Classics edition mentioned earlier "Aedui (with their dependent tribes the Segusiavi, Ambivareti, Aulerci Brannovices, and Blannovi)
  2. Ok, great. So I can use Gallic and Gaulish interchangeably? And on a seemingly random note, what would the Gallic equivalent of the Christian Hell be? In the Alesia region in any case. I'm not up to snuff on my Gallic pantheon!
  3. Thanks for the additional info. Could anyone please tell me the finer points of the word Gaul itself. I mean the correct form of the word when using it in a sentence. Gallic vs. Gaulish Gaulish is the language right? So a noun? Gallic is the adjective I would use to describe anything like the Gallic Empire, Gallic troops? That's the part where I always get confused, Gallic troops vs. Gaulish troops. Any help in this matter would be great!
  4. Viking

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Great! Thanks!
  5. Viking

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Thanks! I took them out. haha! I didn't even notice that! cool.
  6. Wow, thank you so much for all the information, I will take a look at it over the next few days in greater detail, and post some more thoughts! yea, I've already read all of those pages a few times, I loved them! Woah, that's an interesting theory! Ok, I was under the impression that after Alesia, all Caesar had to do was fight small skirmishes against small fragments of resistance in the surrounding regions. Yea, the blow to morale is one of the things I'm looking at. Thanks for confirming a lot of my questions! I'll take a look at what happened in Batavia too, I don't really know about it! Thanks again!
  7. Thanks, I checked up on it, it doesn't have very good reviews, so I'll try to get it from my local library. That end chapter might be worth it alone!
  8. Anyone have any info on the battle? Maybe even the consequences? edit: thanks, I learnt a lot from this discussion and found plenty of sources! Thanks everyone, Viking
  9. Viking

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    estalmdlwtbuia male edit: Sorry, I thought it might be easier with more letters